Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Connector Craze

Just a few ideas pulled from our site, for easier viewing. Enjoy!

Stay tuned for more to come!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Don't forget...

If you post the answers to the cruise questions here on the blog, don't forget to email us for your coupon code!

Cruise ???'s

We want your feedback! Even if you would never in a million years go on a scrapbook cruise, answer these questions by posting a comment here or emailing us and you'll receive a special coupon just for your time. And, we hope you would consider cruising with's so relaxing, so much fun, and the most value for your money in the travel world, I believe. Like our last cruise, for example, we had 7 days and nights accomodations, travel to & from 4 separate countries, all our food & non-alcoholic beverages, and tons of entertainment on board....all for $789! That's under $113 a day. I can't go from here (south GA) to Atlanta for that per day.

Ok, back to what we want to know...please copy & paste these into an email or post a comment here.....

1 - Have you ever been on a cruise?

2 - Would you consider going on a scrapbook cruise?

3 - Is yes, would you prefer to go with or without non-cropping family members?

4 - What length of cruise is your first choice? 4 day, 5 day, 7 day

5 - Where would you like to cruise from? FLA, ALA, TX, CA, other?

6 - Where is somewhere you've never been & would like to cruise to?

7 - Any additional comments??

Ok, easy enough, right?? Answer these questions & post your answers here & then email us...or just email us the answers. By posting here first, though, everyone can read each other's extra step, but easy. Then, we will email you an amazing coupon just for your time. How about that?!?!? Everyone wins this drawing names!

And, last night, I posted a video on YouTube with one of the entertainers we had on our last cruise...check it out here:

Also, we posted pix from our last one on the blog a few posts sure to check those out, too.

We really hope you'll consider cruising with us next year.


Saturday, July 18, 2009

So creative...

See, it pays to 'kiss up' to your designers...a couple posts ago, I did just that to Kathy...and see what all she sent me this week! I LOVE THEM ALL!! So, I just had to share...

First, check out this single Connector...

She's used one of our newest fact, we don't even have it online yet in the Mix & Match Collections -- but will in the next few days....and she mixed it with the dot print out of the Little Red Riding Hood papers. She's used the small center from the Rings sets of both groupings to layer on the flowers....LOVE this! And, see the 'tabs' on the top left side?? Those are slide mounts adhered to the BACK...oh, with another center circle from the Rings. I also like how, on the bottom picture, she mounted it on a white Stacker circle, then used a larger Ring around it, showing some of the background print of the Connector in between them. Ooohhh, she did the same thing on this page....

This page is GREAT at showing how versatile our Rings really are. She's used them on the top left and bottom right pictures to get "round" pictures WITHOUT use of a circle cutting tool...she adhered them to the TOP of her photos, then trimmed the edges with scissors. That's the whole reason we created this have round photos in a jiffy!
And, the bottom left fun with a Ring to accent a 4x6 photo, no cropping necessary...and on top of a Stacker, too. And, for the "journal" circle, she used a small Stacker circle and the right size Ring to look like it's matted.
Add a couple flowers and stamped slides, with words stamped in them or our vellum Slide Spots...voila! An adorable page in minutes!!
Oh, not enough??? How about this one? LOTS OF RINGS for fun...a couple of Stacker circles....a couple of XL slide mounts for frames...all around our newest addition, the Fold Out Frame. And, I like the hands 'holding' the frame! ( those are in our mouse die packs online)
And, don't you just love this Mix & Match pattern for Disney stuff?

Well, how about making a couple cards with the rest of the pieces of the Fold Out Frames pack, the Rings, and the Stackers!

And, don't forget, we have envelopes (with coordinating liners) to fit 6x6 cards like these. It's such a pack each of our pieces can do a whole mini album or lots of 12x12 layouts & extra cards. When you buy our stuff, we really want you to know how to use EVERY PIECE....otherwise, you won't get your money's worth!

From flowers & mud and boys....

There's just nobody better than Kathy & her ideas for our Connectors! Our frog has long been one of my favorites...but if at all possible, I love him more now!! Isn't he cute diving in & hopping around & through pieces on this wall hanging?!? And, only Kathy would think to use the patterns of the Little Red Riding Hood papers -- flowered print included -- for a BOYS project! I can't get over how great this works...and the Splats stamp on the slides is PERFECT! She also used some of our Ring Quotes inside the Rings...and all of this with our 4" letters...did I say I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this?!?!

And....she's done it again....

She took more of our 4" letters and added them to TAGS this time! So why didn't I think of that?!? I also am digging the way she used the Stacker pieces as background pieces with the tags and chipboard haunted house (in our $1 section) just all WORKS, ya know??
Oh, and again, she's mixed paper groupings...the Trick or Treat collection with the Itsy Bitsy of the ones on sale 3 for $1, too! Kathy has such an amazing eye for color...mixes things that shouldn't work, but THEY DO. These collections are not even by the same company. Amazing.
OK, keep in mind, the best part of all this....WE CAN DO THIS, too! We can copy least learn from her. Keep lots of papers and pieces on hand. Mix it all up. Don't be limited by what is sold in one package together. Use prints & solids & squares & circles & tags & embellishments. Make it fast. Make it fun. Just make it.
Whew...I'm tired! Not from typing all this, but from thinking of all the fun things I want to go create. How 'bout you?? Ready to create??
Thanks, Kathy. Keep 'em coming. We love you! (and your ideas!!)

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Happy Birthday, Sophia!

How did this happen?? How did our baby turn 7?? Ok, so she's actually 'their' (Mason & Tracy's) daughter, and not technically mine, but probably as close as I can get without actually giving birth. How did she grow up so fast? How can she be getting older...just like Keller & her big sister, Sydney, are...without ME aging?? Oh, don't answer that.

Just join me in wishing Sophia a Happy 7th Birthday!

We love you, Sophia!

Ms. Kim & Keller

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

"Fold Out Frame" Ideas

With our latest addition to our Mix & Match Collection, our "Fold Out Frames" are selling out! But, we don't want you to just BUY them, we want you to USE them!! So, we will be sending lots of ideas your this fun Disney page from Kathy Fesmire, our head design guru & sketchmaster of the century (it's always good to kiss-up to our staff!!)...

Thanks, Kathy, for sending me this fun page! I love how this layout shows how easy it is to combine Stackers & Rings and the Frame...and this newest paper collection from Pine Cone Press is perfect for everyone's Magical Moments this summer.

If you've done a great page with any of our products, please email them to and we just might feature you on our blog, too!


Thursday, July 9, 2009

Sketch 80

Print Rings, XL Tags, and 1-inch strips of print papers come together for a simple and quick layout!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Sketch 79

Photo mats and our XL tags provide lots of room for photos and journaling!