Wednesday, October 28, 2009

We'd love your input again...

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I can't believe that 2009 is coming to an end. I know, I know...there are 2 whole months in front of us. But, in our world, we only have 2 conventions left for this year...then just 5 weeks to get ready for the '10 season.

In 2008, we did 36 conventions. In '09, we will be completing 27. And, for 2010, we are scaling back even more...with plans for just 18 shows. It's all a part of my attempt to gain some balance in both my life and my business.

As many of you know, Keller is 14 now. That means he'll be gone in just a couple more years. I need to be with him more AND watch over him more...teenage years seem way worse now than when we were his age!

On the business side, I have made great efforts to balance out all aspects of our company, too. I don't want to just do conventions, although being in the classroom is my favorite place to be! I miss teaching in local scrapbook stores. I miss planning more weekend events. I want to do more cruises and make them even better.

And, I want to improve our customer service -- which I feel we've made great strides in the last few months -- and update our website. We have great changes in the works for our website, with the finishing touches being done within a couple weeks. We are so excited to show it to you soon!

I also am making more time for product development. I have so many ideas of new things to make & share...and have had no luck in adding hours to any given day, so BALANCE is my goal.

I've implemented lots of changes for us already, but have come to a point (as I always do) where I need your input. Also, as always, I will reward you for your time & feedback.

Just copy & paste these questions into an email to me: and put "FIND BALANCE" in the subject line of your email. Then, I will email you a coupon valid thru Sunday for 40% off your entire purchase!

(Oh, and if you're the wonderful customer in PA who sent Keller a Philly's hat, please email me again...thanks!)

One last thing, if you want to order t-shirts, now is the time. I have until Monday to add to our t-shirt feel free to use your 40% off coupon for those. And, if you have one on backorder, I will be emailing you personally today.

Now, to my questions...
Keep in mind, these questions cover a variety of themes...and we want your ideas & input, even if you feel like the question doesn't apply to you at all.

Here goes:

1. Is price the most important thing in a monthly membership to you?

2. If you were in a monthly club, would you like the option to "upgrade" your monthly kit to include more embellishments?

3. Do you like FLAT RATE billing that includes shipping, or prefer price of kit plus actual shipping?

4. Do you like payment options? Monthly? Quarterly?

5. Are their any holidays you do NOT celebrate or prefer not to scrap?

6. Do you like gender-neutral or more girl-only and boy-only kits?

7. Would you like VIDEO instruction to go with your kits?

8. Any other ideas?


1. What are your 3 favorite 'go-to' ink colors?

2. What are your next 5 favorites?

3. Any ink color you've bought & wished you hadn't?

4. Do you prefer small ink pads (under 2") or larger ones (3" - 4")

5. Would you like one ink that works for paper, acrylic, glass, & everything?

1. What are your favorite types of prints? flowers? stripes? plaids? distressed or clean & crisp?

2. Do you prefer all cardstock-weight papers?

3. Do you buy 8.5x11 anymore or just 12x12 and cut it down when necessary?

Website related....we are going to have a new section to our site called "TIDBITS", where I will cover lots of the '10 minute tricks' that I share in my classes. What questions or ideas do you have for this section? Make a list...Keller's products & any other scrappin' related questions are appreciated. (just please don't get highly technical in all the gadgets & machines out those for the specific companies who make them)

Of all the ideas I receive for TIDBITS, I will choose 3 lucky winners to win a stamp set of their choice!!

Thank you for the time you took to read this...and the time I hope you will take to answer this. I can't wait to see everyone's answers & ideas!


Friday, October 16, 2009

"Give Thanks" Accordion Tag

Don't you just love this time of year? I love fall! It's my favorite season...not that it's gotten below 90 degrees much here in south GA yet, but we are ever hopeful of cool & crisp fall air. But, I love the colors of fall...the holidays to, and some football thrown in.

This accordion tag makes the perfect gift to give this time of year...a gift someone would love to display in their home...which makes me think that I might need to make another, as this one will probably stay put in my house!

And, it's so easy to make.

First, take 2 accordion tags (yukon gold is the color I used here) and adhere the last panel of the first tag ON TOP OF the first panel of the 2nd tag. Then, fold them accordion style, so it will stand as shown.
Then, cut mats for each panel. I used 2.5"x3" mats on this one....and they are Buttercream yellow cardstock.
After corner-rounding each mat, I distressed the edges with a rust color ink pad. I then stamped GIVE on the first mat, again using the rust ink. Curle Uppercase is our alphabet set used here, but any letters will work.
Then, I stamped 1 letter on the center of each mat... T H A N K S.

Next, I took 6 of our large circle white slide mounts and distressed them almost completely with the rust ink. Then, with a burgundy ink, I used our XL background Swirls stamp on each. I just love how these slides turned out! I added ribbon snips to a couple, then adhered them all to mats, showing off the stamped letters.

I adhered all the mats in place on the tag, then reached for the burgundy ink again & one of our Scroll stamps from the Whimsical set. I stamped that above & below the first mat, then abstractly across the rest of the tag.

Then, I reached for several of our Word stamps. I put one on each panel, so the tag now says "Celebrate...honor...enjoy...adore...and cherish family." Perfect this time of year & always, don't you think?

Lastly, I added some buttons with glue dots....and reached for our tan Raffia (one of my absolute favorite items to use on our accordion tags) to add to the top of each tag...just unravel raffia to flatten it out, then tie a loose knot in it...take the 2 ends & smoosh them thru the tag hole, leaving the knot on the front....the stand up tag ends as shown & trim edges if necessary. Not only does this look great on tags like this, it's the best way to put a knot on a tag for a layout or card...looks great like a bow, but always stays in place AND lays flat when tag is glued down!


Want more ideas & project recipes like this? Let us hear from you. What do you want to learn to use of our product line? Post here thru the blog, or email us at

Thanks for being our customer!