Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Happy (belated!) Birthday, Sydney!!

How is it possible that Sydney is now a teenager?? It seems like just yesterday that she was in her stroller in my store in Augusta picking out her favorite stickers! Now, she's 13!! (and did we look like THAT at 13?!) She's all grown up. Beautiful. Smart. Caring. And, did I say beautiful?

Many of you have watched Sydney grow, too, thru the photos that Tracy uses on projects & pages for us throughout the years. Isn't is amazing to see the changes in photos? It makes my job have even more reason. It makes me want to snap more photos of Keller each day. It makes me want to scrap more. All because it all passes so quickly.

And, to you, Sydney, I'm sorry this post is late. With you sharing your birthday with Jesus...yes, Syd is a very special Christmas baby...it gets kinda crazy this time of year. But, we wanted the world to know that we love you, are so proud of you, and hope you have the best birthday week ever!

Kim & Keller

Thursday, December 17, 2009

More Info & Answers...

We've tried to email answers back to everyone about the Club changes, but thought it'd be good to do the same here. If you have a question you don't see here, please email us.

What if I want to keep just what I have? Fine, don't do anything. You can keep what you have as long as you want.

Why did some rates go up and some go down? We're trying to make sure each club gets the most value possible for the money....and us NOT lose money. Even though it's kind of a moving target with shipping & rising prices on our papers, we think we have it figured out. And, it's been 4 years since we started our first club, and this is the first price adjustment of any sort!

When will can we know what's in the Embellishment Add On kit? We will email out ALL club members at least 10 days BEFORE shipping of kits. And, there's only one kit each month, regardless of what club or clubs you're in...the add on kit is the same. And, you only have the chance to order it BEFORE your kit ships at the low, low price of $8.95. (if we overestimate one month, we may have some to sell later...but not at this low of price) Our goal for this is to show more of our products (inks soon to come, stamps, etc) and integrate more products from other companies...so that everyone can see how easily our stuff works with everything else out there. The add on kit will be used in the examples of projects in each club...if you buy it, you can copy exactly...but even if you don't purchase it, we want you to be able to look around your stash already & find things to use. Hope this makes sense...

Can I give a membership as a gift? Absolutely. Just let us know the details of who, for how long, etc, and we can take it from there!

Ok, had lots of questions on the discounts offered for joining more than one....because we used to only discount the second club by $2, now it's $10 off the first addition and $15 off the 3rd!! Let me see if this helps:

Join Kit Club $29.95 and add Sketch Club for $19.95

Same as above but add Card Club...yep, just add $4.95.

Have 3 kids for Kids Club? $19.95 plus $9.95 plus $4.95. Yep, discounts really apply. 4 kids? add another $4.95, not $19.95.

Sketch Club for you plus 1 kid? $29.95 plus $9.95. Makes it affordable for the kids to have something to look forward to each month!

Have a group of friends who crop together every month & want to do our Kit Club? As long as we can bill it together & ship all the kits together, all discounts apply....1st one full price, 2nd one at $10 off, all the rest at $15 off...once you hit a discount level, all additional kits stay there.

Ok, really hope all that helps. If not, we're ready for more questions. Don't forget... FREE RECIPE BOOK KITS for all membership sign ups thru this Sunday!!


Tuesday, December 15, 2009

So much info today...

Don't you just love Tracy's ideas from earlier today? Be sure to check them out below if you haven't already!! (and the kits she shows are now online at special intro prices thru this Friday)

Ok, for info I need you to know...

Have you been to our Fan Page on Facebook today?

If not, click here:

Become our fan & check out the FREE Ribbon offer we posted today...then come back here to see these fun ribbons that you can get:

And, as if that's not exciting enough, we have all the info ready for our new Club Memberships! We did a questionaire several weeks ago to get as much input as we could from each of you...and we were thrilled with the ideas & suggestions you sent our way. We took your input to heart, and think you'll love our new clubs & what they have to offer! Please don't panic if you're in a club now & don't want things to change...YOU CAN KEEP JUST WHAT YOU HAVE AT THE PRICE YOU HAVE...for as long as you want. But, check out the new options...we think you'll like what you see...and you can get more for your hard-earned money.

  • First, Sketch kits will all be double page kits...full double pages, not extra pieces.
  • Second, we will offer an embellishment kit OPTIONAL each month.
  • Third, we will offer greater discounts if you join more than one club...or want to receive multiple kits of the same club.
  • Next, we will offer product discounts & special offers just for club members...online and at conventions across the country.
  • We will be providing video instruction for FREE each month...showing more tips & ideas with each kit...to go along with the color photos & printed instructions included with each.
  • We will give you a gift every year you are a member.
  • We will give you a gift if you sign up this week. (see cute Family Recipe Book below...you can get it for free!)

I may have missed some of the changes...but it's all in the paperwork.

So, if you like the sound of these changes & want to see all the fine print, just email me at kim@acidfree.com and I will email you all the info. And, I will be back here in the next day or two to answer any questions you send my way.

Now, for the best part....these 3 lucky folks just need to email me to claim their prize of a Scroll Stamp Set:

Heather Hendrickson
Crafty Colleen
Linda Shea

Congratulations, ladies...just email me your mailing info & which Scroll Stamp Set you'd like!

Whew, what a busy & wonderful day!! Hope you are as excited as we are about all the great changes...and it's just the beginning!


Last-minute Christmas ideas...and new kits!

I love Christmas! I always think of so many projects to do that I don't get to complete them all, though! That's why I love small projects like this Tag Booklet or our Photo Boards. They go together quickly so I feel like I've accomplished something.

This tag booklet is so quick and easy to make. We added our Winter Slide Spots, black slide mounts, XL Christmas Card Slide Spots, and cardstock Rings and Stackers to make this adorable keepsake. Just add your favorite Christmas papers and you're all set!

As scrapbookers, we know that we aren't often in front of the camera...we'd rather take photos of everyone else, right? Well, we finally had some family photos made, and I had to add them to our limited-edition photo board kit. This is SO simple to put together! Just add your 4x6 photos and stamps to 3 of the panels and use the pieces included in the kit to complete the rest.

You've been waiting for it, and here is our newest recipe book. This book is made from our 6x8 chubby chipboard and features our Stacker pieces and recipe cards. You can add photos and recipes to make a family heirloom that will be cherished for years to come! I can't wait to get our favorite recipes from my mom (Red Velvet Cake), grandmother (mac & cheese), and aunt (everything she makes!) and add them to mine!

Just go to our site and click on "Weekly Specials and Clearance" to get the Family Photo Board Kit and Recipe book for GREAT prices Tuesday & Wednesday only...and they will ship by Friday. And check out the other deals we're offering before they're gone!

I hope you have a great holiday season and get lots of projects completed. Thanks so much for supporting Keller's Creations this year!

Keller's Creations Crew

Friday, December 11, 2009

Scrap Cruise 2010

Woo hoo, it's set! Our next cruise, that is! Won't you join us?

When? Where? How much??

July 18 - 25
departs Tampa, FL
aboard Carnival Legend

Where to? Cozumel, Grand Cayman, Belize, and Roatan Isle, Honduras

Prices start at just $789 each, with other possible discounts available.

$69 crop fee

Ok, that's the basic info. Now, for a little more insight as to why this cruise...after reading the hundreds of comments & answers to our last cruise questionaire, we listened.

For starters, we picked a summer cruise. I thought that would make the price way higher, but the benefit to this economy we're in, the price we paid for spring is now the price we pay for prime-summertime...when it's usually much higher! I think it's a great time for a family vacation...kids have a ball onboard...and you can run away for hours a day and scrap, but not feel as guilty as you would if you left them all at home.

As with all our cruises, some will bring spouses & family...some will come with a group of scrap pals...some will just bring their hubby...any way you want is fine by us! We all have fun croppin' & learning together...and can all sit together at dinner each night, kids & hubbies, too. It's such a low-stress vacation...that's why Keller & I love these so much!

Our crop fee is separate, so if you do bring spouses or kids or non-scrappin' friends (as we all have some of those)....so only croppers pay this. For $69, you get 3 full scale classes ($25 each), 4 fun make & take projects ($15 value), Goodie Bag ($100 value), and unlimited crop time for the entire trip! And, we pack most of the tools you'll need...so you don't have to bring your ENTIRE scrap room aboard. It's a vacation, remember?

The itineray is to die for. I loved Roatan so much that I was determined to go back when Keller could go. That one stop is worth the whole trip for me. The other 3 are great, too...can't wait to do the sting ray snorkel again!

And value? Just think, a plane ticket to just one of these countries would cost as much as the whole week. And you'll go to all 4 countries. All your food is included...sodas & alcoholic beverages are extra...but all teas & coffee & juices are included. A week in any hotel would cost more than the whole cruise...and I get the BEST sleep on board...wish it was like that when I traveled the rest of the year. You also get entertainment 24 hours a day...there's always something fun going on somewhere. And, when you combine scrapping all week? Just think of your day...wake up, eat an amazing breakfast, scrap a while, go to pool, eat lunch, take a nap, scrap a while, go play bingo, scrap a while, go to a nice dinner, scrap a while, go see a show, scrap a while....what a day! And, those are the ones on board...when we stop in port, we're sure NOT to have planned scrap classes, but the crop room is still there for you if you come back aboard early.

Ok, if I haven't covered any questions you may have, please email me at kim@acidfree.com.

If you're set to go with us...or want to figure out how to pay for it, the earlier the better. Debbie at Blue Sail Cruises has worked an amazing deal with Carnival...that just $100 deposit by Jan 6th guarantees your spot at these low rates. Then, a $250 payment in Feb and the balance by the end of April. Some other discounts may apply (like Sr. Citizen, repeat cruiser, etc), so call Debbie with your details. Her number is 229.228.0321. Or email me for forms to print with all this info.

We have room for 25 croppers, so space is limited.

We hope you'll join us!


Tuesday, December 1, 2009

CMA's....Yes, I got to go!

Yes, I went to the CMA's with my new bff, Lisa. And, yes, I went to the Sony after-party. But, sadly, no, I did not get to meet Kenny. Kenny Chesney, that is...if you haven't had to suffer thru my story of my plans to stalk, I mean meet, him. (for those few who haven't heard my story...Lisa, a volunteer in one of my classes at CKC Nashville, invited me to the night's events thru her day job...after she learned of what huge Kenny fans Keller and I are) So, first, publicly...THANK YOU, LISA! I had a blast!!

Next, let me say, even though I did not get to meet Kenny in person, I did get to see him perform live with Dave Matthews ...wowza...loved it...as well as the the entire CMA show. It's so incredibly cool to see how they make all that happen...so many sets...so many bands...so many stars. Unbelievably cool. Then, when Dale JR came out to present an award...well, that was just icing on the cake for me. Or to quote my brother, "It's the red-neck trifecta...country music, sparkly panties (on Carrie Underwood), and a nascar star...what more could you ask for?" D, I couldn't agree more...nothing left for me to ask for in a night's entertainment.

But, it DID get better from there. We we off to the private Sony party. Even walked in on a red carpet! Was proud to be Lisa's 'plus 1' but thrilled to see my name, Kimberly Mock, actually on the list!!
Then, within minutes of arriving, there he was. Not Kenny. Danny Gokey. OMG! Any American Idol fans out there?? He's been my favorite from the first I saw him on the auditions last year. My fave of all Idol years. And, there he was. Right beside us. He said hello, then politely kept walking. Did I say, OMG? Before I could breathe, I turned around and there I saw Barbara Mandrell! And, the rest of the night was like that...turn & look & scream inside...Brooks & Dunn, Miranda Lambert, the Lost Trailers, Martina McBride, Craig Morgan, Brad Paisley, Jason Michael Carroll, Rodney Atkins, Coach Phil Fulmer (from UT)...just to name a few. And, Sony big wigs...and music producers...and fancy food & drinks...oh, so much fun!
Oh, did I say Danny Gokey?? I actually had a picture made with him, but by a professional photographer (as our cameras were not allowed...but see below)...and I hold out hope to one day see the photo...but until then, I am happy having met him, talked to him, and hugged him in a photo. And, I did make him a promise...that I would tell everyone I know to buy his new single when it debuts online on 12/14...it's called "It's only" and is amazing. So, buy it...because I told Danny we would. And, yes, just so you know, he IS as nice as he seems. The real deal.

Ok, so cameras we NOT allowed...but I did have mine hidden away...and late, late, late snapped these couple pix to prove I was there...

Nicole, Lisa, and me...late night, right before leaving....

And, see, told you there was a red carpet!

And, my only proof of Sony!

So, then I downloaded these pix online...a great one of Danny....before the show...

and a group shot from the Sony party...

I saw all of these amazing people at the party, except Carrie Underwood....she must have had a special tunnel underground or something.

Anyway, amazing. So blessed to have gone. Thanks, Lisa. I owe ya one. (but tell Kenny he's not off the hook yet!)

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

We'd love your input again...

(read this...and see how to save 40% off everything)

I can't believe that 2009 is coming to an end. I know, I know...there are 2 whole months in front of us. But, in our world, we only have 2 conventions left for this year...then just 5 weeks to get ready for the '10 season.

In 2008, we did 36 conventions. In '09, we will be completing 27. And, for 2010, we are scaling back even more...with plans for just 18 shows. It's all a part of my attempt to gain some balance in both my life and my business.

As many of you know, Keller is 14 now. That means he'll be gone in just a couple more years. I need to be with him more AND watch over him more...teenage years seem way worse now than when we were his age!

On the business side, I have made great efforts to balance out all aspects of our company, too. I don't want to just do conventions, although being in the classroom is my favorite place to be! I miss teaching in local scrapbook stores. I miss planning more weekend events. I want to do more cruises and make them even better.

And, I want to improve our customer service -- which I feel we've made great strides in the last few months -- and update our website. We have great changes in the works for our website, with the finishing touches being done within a couple weeks. We are so excited to show it to you soon!

I also am making more time for product development. I have so many ideas of new things to make & share...and have had no luck in adding hours to any given day, so BALANCE is my goal.

I've implemented lots of changes for us already, but have come to a point (as I always do) where I need your input. Also, as always, I will reward you for your time & feedback.

Just copy & paste these questions into an email to me: kim@acidfree.com and put "FIND BALANCE" in the subject line of your email. Then, I will email you a coupon valid thru Sunday for 40% off your entire purchase!

(Oh, and if you're the wonderful customer in PA who sent Keller a Philly's hat, please email me again...thanks!)

One last thing, if you want to order t-shirts, now is the time. I have until Monday to add to our t-shirt order...so feel free to use your 40% off coupon for those. And, if you have one on backorder, I will be emailing you personally today.

Now, to my questions...
Keep in mind, these questions cover a variety of themes...and we want your ideas & input, even if you feel like the question doesn't apply to you at all.

Here goes:

1. Is price the most important thing in a monthly membership to you?

2. If you were in a monthly club, would you like the option to "upgrade" your monthly kit to include more embellishments?

3. Do you like FLAT RATE billing that includes shipping, or prefer price of kit plus actual shipping?

4. Do you like payment options? Monthly? Quarterly?

5. Are their any holidays you do NOT celebrate or prefer not to scrap?

6. Do you like gender-neutral or more girl-only and boy-only kits?

7. Would you like VIDEO instruction to go with your kits?

8. Any other ideas?


1. What are your 3 favorite 'go-to' ink colors?

2. What are your next 5 favorites?

3. Any ink color you've bought & wished you hadn't?

4. Do you prefer small ink pads (under 2") or larger ones (3" - 4")

5. Would you like one ink that works for paper, acrylic, glass, & everything?

1. What are your favorite types of prints? flowers? stripes? plaids? distressed or clean & crisp?

2. Do you prefer all cardstock-weight papers?

3. Do you buy 8.5x11 anymore or just 12x12 and cut it down when necessary?

Website related....we are going to have a new section to our site called "TIDBITS", where I will cover lots of the '10 minute tricks' that I share in my classes. What questions or ideas do you have for this section? Make a list...Keller's products & any other scrappin' related questions are appreciated. (just please don't get highly technical in all the gadgets & machines out there...save those for the specific companies who make them)

Of all the ideas I receive for TIDBITS, I will choose 3 lucky winners to win a stamp set of their choice!!

Thank you for the time you took to read this...and the time I hope you will take to answer this. I can't wait to see everyone's answers & ideas!


Friday, October 16, 2009

"Give Thanks" Accordion Tag

Don't you just love this time of year? I love fall! It's my favorite season...not that it's gotten below 90 degrees much here in south GA yet, but we are ever hopeful of cool & crisp fall air. But, I love the colors of fall...the holidays to come...friends...family...oh, and some football thrown in.

This accordion tag makes the perfect gift to give this time of year...a gift someone would love to display in their home...which makes me think that I might need to make another, as this one will probably stay put in my house!

And, it's so easy to make.

First, take 2 accordion tags (yukon gold is the color I used here) and adhere the last panel of the first tag ON TOP OF the first panel of the 2nd tag. Then, fold them accordion style, so it will stand as shown.
Then, cut mats for each panel. I used 2.5"x3" mats on this one....and they are Buttercream yellow cardstock.
After corner-rounding each mat, I distressed the edges with a rust color ink pad. I then stamped GIVE on the first mat, again using the rust ink. Curle Uppercase is our alphabet set used here, but any letters will work.
Then, I stamped 1 letter on the center of each mat... T H A N K S.

Next, I took 6 of our large circle white slide mounts and distressed them almost completely with the rust ink. Then, with a burgundy ink, I used our XL background Swirls stamp on each. I just love how these slides turned out! I added ribbon snips to a couple, then adhered them all to mats, showing off the stamped letters.

I adhered all the mats in place on the tag, then reached for the burgundy ink again & one of our Scroll stamps from the Whimsical set. I stamped that above & below the first mat, then abstractly across the rest of the tag.

Then, I reached for several of our Word stamps. I put one on each panel, so the tag now says "Celebrate...honor...enjoy...adore...and cherish family." Perfect this time of year & always, don't you think?

Lastly, I added some buttons with glue dots....and reached for our tan Raffia (one of my absolute favorite items to use on our accordion tags) to add to the top of each tag...just unravel raffia to flatten it out, then tie a loose knot in it...take the 2 ends & smoosh them thru the tag hole, leaving the knot on the front....the stand up tag ends as shown & trim edges if necessary. Not only does this look great on tags like this, it's the best way to put a knot on a tag for a layout or card...looks great like a bow, but always stays in place AND lays flat when tag is glued down!


Want more ideas & project recipes like this? Let us hear from you. What do you want to learn to use of our product line? Post here thru the blog, or email us at kellerscreations@acidfree.com.

Thanks for being our customer!


Monday, September 21, 2009

Sketch 91

Layer Stackers to highlight special photos. Cut stamped title into pieces before adding to page.

Sketch 90

This page looks like it's for Halloween...switch up the colors, though, and it would be great for Christmas (white background, red & green Stackers) or any other holiday.

Sketch 89

This page has room for 6 photos and tuck your journaling into a pocket.

Sketch 88

Cut one of our 11-in circles in half and stamp Word Stamps along the edges.

Sketch 87

Square scalloped Stackers look great "hanging" from the top of the page.

Sketch 86

This color combination could be used for so many different pages...Disney, farm, favorite school or team (Go UGA!).

Sketch 85

Our Stackers look so great layered together! Choose your favorite color combinations to make this layout.

Sketch 84

You could get up to 6 photos on this one page-depending on where you add your journaling and title! The fold-out frame is great for a peek-a-boo photo.

Sketch 83

This sketch could be used in so many different ways...just flip the sketch in different directions. Our XL tags are great for photos or journaling!

Sketch 82

Simple print papers as "photo corners", 4 x 5 1/2 in mats, andXL slide mounts make a pretty page with "framed" photos.

Sketch 81

Print Rings and a single strip of paper make a quick layout! Add another strip of paper and continue the Rings on for a simple second page!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Our Newest Arrival...

How cute are our Mini Connectors??

You can use them for smaller wall hangings....

Or add them to 12x12 layouts...

I'm loving this new smaller size! I can't wait to use them to make cards...and to tie them together accordion style...oh, so many ideas & so little time!!

We'd love to see what you come up with...email us your creations at kellerscreations@acidfree.com.

Until next time,


Monday, August 10, 2009

Happy Birthday, Keller!

Can you believe Keller is 14?? Where does time go?!

Happy Birthday, Keller! We love you & hope you have the best year ever!!

Tracy & the Kellers gang