Saturday, December 27, 2008

NEW Webisode now on YouTube!!!

We were so overwhelmed with the repsonse to our Webisode idea!!! Thank you to those of you who sent us your feedback...we will try to get to as many of your questions & ideas as we can...but please keep in mind that we will be doing these webisodes for more info & instruction on our own Keller's products.

Out of the hundreds of responses, we picked 3 lucky winners...Congratulations to:

Stacy Goodman
Sandi McFarland
Cathy Kysar

Just email us at to claim your $10 online gift certificate. If you didn't win, never worry...we'll be doing more fun giveaways soon!

In fact, you can watch our 1st demo Webisode that we've just uploaded...then visit our new link "Webisode Specials" on our site...and you'll see how to get a great product for FREE!!

Here's the YouTube link for our new Webisode:

Please let us know what you think...either by comment here on our blog or via email.

And, did you know that you can subscribe on YouTube to our Webisodes?? It's free, and that way you'll be the first to know when we upload new ones!

Thanks for your enthusiasm to our newest way to keep in touch!


Monday, December 22, 2008


Have you seen it?? We've just uploaded our first webisode to YouTube!!! We hope it's the first of many to come!

Here's the link to watch it:

To make this forum a success, we need your feedback. Email us your answers to these questions & you'll be entered in a drawing to win 1 of 3 gift certificates for $10 each:

1. What products do you need to know more about?

2. Do you want webisodes giving tips & techniques to go with the kits we sell online?

3. Do you want mini classes with each product type?

4. Do you want project ideas to copy at home?

5. Other ideas we haven't covered??

And, to know that you actually watched the video, tell us: who was in it??

We can't wait to hear from you!!!


Saturday, December 20, 2008

Keller's Kids - OUR NEWEST CLUB!!

We are so EXCITED to now offer a monthly scrapbooking club, just for kids!!! We had planned to roll this out in '09, but moved it up to have it ready in time for the holidays.

With the state of our economy, people will be spending more time at home with their kids...which is a great thing. And for us scrapper's, our kids usually want to 'help mommy' while we 'play' this way they can be involved completely...without helping themselves to our stash! Besides that, just think of their pride in making projects that they can give as gifts...the way they will begin to view their own lives if they are documenting it in both pictures and words every month...and the time you can spend together sharing a hobby you love so much.

We've taken all the stress out of it for providing a kit suitable for kids of any age (old enough to hold child-safe scissors, that is) that includes a project 'outside' the traditional scrapbook each month (like a wall hanging, mini fold out book, etc) PLUS an 8x8 layout for them to scrap something from their life each month. Club membership starts at just 19.95 each month, with each additional kit being less...since many of you have more than one child. (if you have more than 6 children...or are planning to join this for a larger group, please email or call us for pricing). Oh, the kits also include FREE shipping!

So, just in time for the start of Hanukah and a few days til Christmas, we're giving you another great gift to give this year. Give the membership to your child or I'm giving it to Keller...but I think we'll be the ones who receive many blessings from the investment we'll be making!

We hope you'll join us. Merrry Christmas!


OH, to join the club, click thru to, then click on Retail Products, then Clubs & Kits link. You'll see all the info there.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

50% off Connector Liners & Stackers!

Thank you, THANK YOU for helping clear out our 'overstock'!!! We can always turn to our wonderful customers for help, right? (especially when it involves scrappin' and saving money!)

We have just a couple of the other items listed on our sale left in stock...if there's something you want, email us to see if we have any left.

As for Connector Liners and Stackers, we've just taken an inventory of exactly what's left. We need ALL of these gone before we can roll out our new packaging on these items. So, choose from what's left...and YES, it's all HALF PRICE! First come, first us this weekend for best during store hours next week for phone ordering (if it's not all gone!)

The patterns are listed...the top number is the quantity of Stackers, the bottom number is the number of Connector liners we have in stock:

Cat - Reminisce
15 Stackers
7 Connector Liners

Dog - Reminisce

Make Life Simple

Disney - Reminisce

Cruise - Reminisce

Birthday - Reminisce

Zoo - Reminisce

Girly Girl - Reminisce

All Boy - Reminisce

Gone Fishin' - Sweetwater

Jungle Safari - Reminisce

Amusement Park - Reminisce

Live Out Loud - Sweetwater

B & W Hearts - Sweetwater

Lime & Brown - Sweetwater

Happy - Pine Cone Press

Chicken Little - Piggy Tales

Near & Dear - Dream Streets

Pink Playground - Studio 8

Blue Playground - Studio 8

Café Chic - Dream Streets

Delicious Desserts - Studio 8

Tis the Season - Studio 8

Delight - Dream Streets

Goldilocks - Piggy Tales

Little Red Riding Hood - Piggy Tales

Jack & Jill - Piggy Tales

Cinderella (little flowers) - Piggy Tales

Frog Prince (greens) - Piggy Tales

Gretel - Piggy Tales

Pink & Brown Swirls - Studio 8

Pinwheels (purple & green) - Pine Cone Press

Baa Baa Blacksheep - Piggy Tales

Cinderella (big flowers) - Piggy Tales

Peter Peter - Piggy Tales

Sunflower - Pine Cone Press

Spring - Pine Cone Press

Christmas Dots - Pine Cone Press

Chocolate Christmas - Pine Cone Press

Purple Snowflakes - Studio 8

Bright Christmas - Reminisce

Snowman - Pine Cone Press

Halloween - Pine Cone Press

Trick or Treat - Pine Cone Press

Jingle Bells - Sweetwater

Fall Leaves & Pumpkins

Fall Leaves - Reminisce

Monkeyin' Around - Reminisce

Dinosaur - Studio 8

Circus - Studio 8

Distressed Christmas - Reminisce

Jack - Reminisce

Thanks for helping us clear these out!

Don't forget to email us your order ( and include a phone number so we can call for payment info. We'll pull stock in the order we receive the orders.

Happy creating,


Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I can’t believe it’s the end of the year again…that means cleaning out our POD (storage for show stock) and rolling out NEW items…all in just a few weeks time. We made it thru 36 conventions this year, selling out of items everywhere we went…but having some items left over in abundance. That “overstock” provides a great opportunity for you…up to 75% savings! Just look at these great products at amazingly low prices…and once the overstock is gone, regular pricing will resume….these ARE NOT discontinued products. Enjoy these savings while they last!

Overstock Sale –
Save 45% - 75% (via email, phone, & fax only)

(products can be seen in retail shopping section of our site)

Acrylic Stamps

Alphabets – reg. $25
Curly Uppercase Alphabet - $12
Curly Lowercase Alphabet - $12
Playtime Lowercase Alphabet - $12

XL Backgrounds – reg. $7
Donuts - $4
Glass Blocks - $4

Background Stamp Sets – reg. $9
Stone Texture & Simple Stripes - $5
Winter Set - $5
Plaid & Woven Texture - $5
Groovy Flowers & Brush Strokes - $5

Word Sets – reg. $7
Family & More - $3
Cherish & More - $3
Peaceful & More - $3
Thankful & More - $3
Card Greetings - $3
Baby Set - $3

Swirl Sets – reg. $10
Elegant - $6
Whimsical - $6
Angelic - $6
ALL 3 for $15

Slide Mounts – reg. $3.50 per pack of 12
Small white round $1
Small black round $1
Slate gray $1

Chipboard Items
Booklets – reg. $4, now just $1 each
Tag booklet – white pages
Tag booklet – ivory pages
Tag booklet – pink pages
Tag booklet – black pages
Circle booklet – white pages
Circle booklet – ivory pages
Circle booklet – pink pages
Circle booklet – black pages

6x6 Books – reg. $10, now just $4 each
baby bottle
haunted house

Connector Kits
Disney - $15 (reg $30)
Halloween - $10 (reg $25)

CARD KITS –just $5 each ($15 value)
October Set (Halloween, as well as all occasion)
November Set (Thanksgiving, as well as all occasion)

Mouse balloon – white $1 (reg. 2.50)
Mouse balloon – pink $1 ( “ )

6x12 Cardstock packs – now just $5 (reg. $8) - perfect for Cricut Machines
20 asst colors – 2 sheets per color

Connector Liners – reg. $2.50 per pack, now just $1 each
Choose from lt yellow, lt green, lt blue, pink, medium blue, purple, and tan

Sketch Kits – reg. $8 each, now just $5 each
Choose from these numbers: 3, 4, 17, 32, 33, 34, 35, 38, 43, 44, 45, 50

XL Photo Tags – reg. $2, now .75 each
State Signs – GA, FLA, LA, ALA, VA, TX, CA, TN, MS, OH

Patriotic – Arlington Sign, Arlington Cross, White House, Washington Monument, Vietnam Wall, Vietnam Memorial Statue, Fireworks, Lincoln Memorial

Misc. – Zebra, Rhino, Lifeguard Stand, Crabs, Harley, Hairbows, Princess Crown, Tractor, Cow, B&W Cow Hide, Lake Scene (Snowy Mtn)

And, finally, we are changing how we package Connector Liners and Stackers from all our Mix & Match prints. This means we have to sell EVERY pack we have in stock before Jan. 1st. Choose your patterns & see if we have the pieces you want. All of these items will be ½ price!! Add all the patterns of Connectors & Stacker you may want at these prices...if we have it in stock, you’ll get it on sale…if we’re out, you can reorder in a couple weeks when new packaging is ready to go!


Enjoy!! And, as always, thanks for being our customer!


Monday, December 1, 2008

Countdown to Christmas Calendar

Here's a simple project to try at home this holiday season...

To make Countdown to Christmas:

1. Cut one chipboard Connector in half. Adhere a solid white Connector Liner to chipboard and fold. Fold a small round stacker at approx. 1/2 inch in on 2 sides and adhere to underside of chipboard Connector to make it stand. Distress all pieces with ink.

2. Adhere stacker pieces.

3. Stamp numbers and letters using our Curly clear stamps. Cut into squares and punch holes in numbers. Screw cup hooks through chipboard, tie ribbons, and hang numbers.
(project by Tracy McCall)

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Holiday Card

Just look how cute this die cut tree is stamped with our swirl stamps! Such an easy technique - stamping green ink on green paper - makes this tree perfectly adorned.

And, another quick tip...put one of the XL Christmas Slide Spots inside one of our Rings. (Ring and Stacker scalloped circle shown here are from the Distressed Christmas mix & match set)

Enjoy this easy card idea!


Monday, November 10, 2008

Baby Gift...

Sorry these aren't the best pix (camera issues!) but I wanted to share this so you'd all know that I practice what I preach - yes, our products really do make it so easy that you can do an album in @ 2 hours!!!!

These pages are from a baby album I did for a friend having her first baby next week...we can't wait to meet Jackson! Since she doesn't scrapbook yet, but swears she will start with his pictures, I wanted to give her a jumpstart...and I knew she wouldn't forgive me if I 'bought' her a present instead of making one. Thus, I took a couple hours - literally about 2 hours & 15 minutes - and filled an entire album!

I printed his name & the info for her to fill in on cardstock, then traced our small Stacker circle & cut it out to fit inside the scalloped Stacker circle.

I kept all the pages simple enough for her to add photos where I used our 'place photo here' stamp...and stamped our 'journal here' stamp on the yellow post-it notes you see, so she can pull those up & write in the details.

After she puts pix on the pages & does her journaling, there's still plenty of room for more embellishments. I wanted to provide a good starting point, but want the book to have her style & special touches.

The book was a hit! And, my friend sees now that she CAN do this...that with the pre-cut pieces, anyone can.
I encourage you to make albums...or just a couple pages like this for friends & family...maybe they'll get hooked on our great hobby...or maybe they'll just add pictures & forever think of you when they enjoy the pages. Either way, it's worth the effort...and it sure doesn't take much time!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Calendar Wall Hanging

Our monthly kits just get better & better...and our latest one is no exception.

In fact, I love it so much that I've already added pix to one to give as a gift today...for my mom's 1st anniversary! I can't believe it's been a year since I planned her 'surprise' wedding...anyway, her anniversary is today, so I thought she'd love this.

Their card (made from one of our card kits, of course!!) says "May the happy memories of your first year lead the way for many to come".

I didn't add a single embellishment that wasn't in the kit, and I'm thrilled with how it turned out. I love it. Mom will cherish it.

And, I hope it inspires you to make these for yourself & others this holiday season!


Saturday, November 1, 2008

Sketch # 41

We've used a 4x12 cardstock strip here, too, for 2 photos. The rings bring emphasis in to the pictures, by just adhering them over rectangle need to crop them to circles. Also, note the cut-up scalloped Stacker circle used to make 2 different corners stand out.

Sketch # 40

Don't forget about our SQUARE Stackers, too! We use the round ones so much, that sometimes we forget how easy the square ones are to use on our pages...which just happen to be square, right?? We seem to use them more for wall hangings...but we applied that effect to this page, letting them 'hang' from ribbon on the layout. The 4x12 cardstock strip is a great tip to remember, fits a stamped title, a photo, some embellishments, and journaling, too!

Sketch # 39

Our Tag Holder cut out of print paper is the perfect accent on this page. Tag Holders are sized to fit just one tag for journaling like shown here, or an entire chipboard tag booket!

Sketch # 38

One set of Rings, one scalloped Stacker circle & some ribbon scraps....and you have a fun summer page!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

QuicKutz Alphabet Winner!

Congratulations to Eva Gonzales for being the lucky winner of a QuicKutz Lemonade Alphabet! Eva, just email us so we can ship this right out to you!!

Stay tuned for more great ideas & contests....featuring QuicKutz & so much more!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Crop Fun

Our Scrapper's Escape this weekend in Thomasville was alot of fun! We had some new faces...missed some regulars who had previous plans...cropped a bunch...shopped some more...and created this fun 'Batty' Connector to decorate with this Halloween:

We used one chipboard Connector, one purple Connector Liner, a Bat (from our $1 store), an XL rectangle mount - decorated with lime ink & our Moon & Stars background stamp, and some ribbon & ric rac. Oh, we also used one of the stamps from our new CIRCLES set to stamp & cut around for these silly eyes! Aren't they great?!?!

We had lots of candy & goodies waiting for the croppers...and treat bags with buttons, ric rac, ribbons, tags, etc. We made our Spiders with our 3" circle dies and black slide mounts cut up for the legs.

Heather & Jenni showing off their 'batty' make & takes!

We hope more of you can join us next time!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Step by step instructions...

It's so fun at the conventions to see the 'aha' moment on the face of a customer...when it becomes clear at just how easy our system is! Some get it right away, some need a little explanation, and some walk away b/c our booth is too crowded or we look too busy to help. But, we want to help every scrapper & paper crafter out there!! We want everyone to have more time to take photos of life's happenings...more time to create fun projects...more time to complete more layouts. Our products can do that for you!

So, for starters, we've had some new 'story boards' created this week to take to the conventions. We hope these will help answer some basic questions...but, of course, we'll be there to offer help to everyone, too.

We're posting them here, so customers can refer back to them when planning pages at home...or shopping on our site for more products. These are just the beginning of some 'step-by-step' hints that we hope will take the fear away of trying new products...and free you to amaze yourself at how many great projects you can complete in just minutes!

Enjoy...and create!


Thursday, September 25, 2008

Dog House Book

Look how cute this Dog House is made from our 11" Jumbo Arrow/House Chipboard book! With a set of 'houses' out of our dog pattern paper & a set of rings...all the pages were quick & easy.

And, don't you just love the slide mounts w/ the dog name stamped in them...adhered together & hanging like a sign on a real dog house?!?

Don't forget how easy it is to mix & match our products to create one-of-a-kind projects like this. It's EASY, FUN, & so dang CUTE!!

Have you done any unique projects with our products?? If so, we'd LOVE to see them. Email them to us at, and we just may feature your project on our blog!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Search & Find Contest Winners

Thanks to all of you who sent us answers to our latest 'search & find' contest. We've drawn 3 winners...but we wanted to clarify a couple things.

We do these type of contests for give you a silly reason to scroll thru our learn more about us & our products along the way. We don't really care what the question or the answer is...we want you to enjoy the process....just like our approach to classes & scrapbooking as a whole. Enjoy the journey, regardless of how it turns out. We give you a silly question & have the answer in a blog post, even if it's not the CNN or Google answer. On this one, our local news said we rec'd 17" in one day...obviously more over the 3 days that we were affected by the storm. So, we got answers from 17" to 27", with some down to the hundreths of an inch. We appreciate the effort of your research...but you don't need to look far to answer any question we ask...just head to our blog...enjoy the sites along the way to the answer you're sent to find...then cross your fingers that we draw your name!

Hope that helps explain this past contest a little better.

Now, on to the 3 winners...

Congratulations to:

Linda Shea
Amanda Dossa
Gladys Doll

Each of you has won a $10 gift certificate to our online store! Just email us at by 9-30-08 to claim your code.

Thanks to each of you who participated...and the lucky 3 who won. Each of you, stay you know we'll do something like this again soon!!!


Sunday, September 7, 2008

Gotta love these stamps!!

Hi Keller's customers! This is Kathy, one of Keller's Creations designers. I just had to stop by the blog and tell you how in love I am with the newest of Keller's fantastic products! Wow, these new stamps are so cool!! I am lovin' the new swirl and circle stamps. The swirls have the coolest details in them and are so perfect for adding a quick embellishment to pages, cards and paper crafting projects. Check out this tag I made with one of the swirl stamps. The shape of the swirls makes them the perfect accent to circles and rings that you can get at our online site .

Pumpkin Patch

You can create fun layouts like this with our Circles stamp set, one set of Rings (new Halloween Mix & Match set used here), and our Fall Tag Wrap. Then, just add a snip of ribbon to one of the rings & 3 buttons.
On the 12x12 cardstock, Margaret used just 4 of our Circles stamps to create the fun background pattern. She stamped with orange's a great technique, if you haven't tried it....stamp same color ink on cardstock. She did the same on the purple mats....stamping just down one side of the mat & then inking the edges.
(page by Margaret Brazil)

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Trick or Treat...

What a cute Trick or Treat card!

You can use this card as an easy template for any season or occasion...all by using your 'leftovers' from layouts...a strip of paper, 1 ring left from our Rings pk (27 per pk), a strip from our Tag Wraps, a snip of ribbon, & some eyelets. Oh, but don't forget the fun stamps!! These are from our new Circles set.

(card by Margaret Brazil)

Friday, September 5, 2008


Stand Up to Cancer is on right now...

I'm not alone in knowing someone who is fighting this disease.
I'm not alone is missing someone who was taken too early because of this disease.
I'm not alone wishing I could make a difference.

This weekend, please go to and give.

We will be giving $1 from every online order this weekend as we STAND UP 2 CANCER!


Sketch # 37

Use the XL square slide mount in this layout to bring attention to the focal point of a 5x7 or 6x8 print. You'll love this idea! You can add 1 photo to the Connector Liner, or 3 small ones as shown - depending on how many pix you need to fit on the layout.

Sketch # 36

Our solid Connector Liners create this page. Just do the mirror image of this for the 2nd page. This layout can be done over & over, just using different colors.
You can order 30 colors of cardstock Connectors under our Cardstock Creations link on on our site.

Sketch # 35

Getting lots of photos on a page is easy with this layout! Just use lots of tags across the bottom of a page...and continue to a double page spread for even more photos. Stacker circles are used at the top. Just stamp your title for any themed page you like.

Remember, you can order these kits on our site...or order the pieces in our Mix & Match Collections to pick your own patterns. Use our sketches for fast layouts...and send us pix of your creations. We'd love to show them off for you!