Sunday, January 31, 2010

And the 4 Chipboard Books....

go to TerriC! Terri, email me at with your contact info so we can get your prizes sent out to you. Congratulations!

And, if you didn't know another Fabulous Friday Giveaway is right around the corner.

Be sure to check back here tomorrow for ideas showcasing some of our new Classic Shapes!

Friday, January 29, 2010

Classic Shapes....

When I think of 'classic', I think timeless. Traditional. Back to basics. Must have.

That's just what our new shapes are...classic.

Classic Scrolls - 5.5x5.5"

Classic Tags - 4x5.75"

Classic Circles - 6"

Classic Hearts - 5.5x5.75"

They will be the perfect addition to our other precut pieces - Ring, Stackers, Connectors, etc. Layer them up & see the possibilities. AND, we are offering them in chipboard books, too...made out of the same great chubby chipboard as our Connectors. (these are the kind we're giving away this below for details if you haven't already) Order them in chipboard, solid cardstock colors (under Cardstock Creations) or in all the fun print options of our Mix & Match Collections.

Stay tuned for layout & card ideas with these classic shapes...oh, and some mini books, too.

It's Friday & time for another giveaway...

Don't you just LOVE Friday's even more now?!

So, what's up for grabs this week?? It's from us here at Keller's...brand-spankin' new...CLASSIC CHIPBOARD BOOKS! 4 of them, in fact.

Classic, huh? What are Classic Chipboard Books? Well, they are 4 classic shapes that we feel will be the perfect addition to all of our other Mix & Match pieces like Rings & Stackers, etc. Our 4 Classic Shapes are:
Classic Circle
Classic Heart
Classic Scroll
Classic Tag

All are @6" in size...and we'll have them in Chipboard Books, Solid Cardstock packs, and Print packs. (pictures to follow on here & our site later Fri or early Sat)

So, 4 books to one lucky winner this week...and what do we want to hear about this week?? Well, it's nothing to do with scrapbooking -- unless someone out there DID scrapbook this & wants to admit that they did & share it with us?!? So, what am I talking about? What do I want to know about this week??

Well, let me start by asking who has seen the picture of Siesta on our Facebook page? She's our new baby...a tri color Cocker Spaniel who makes my heart melt every time I look at her! Several days ago, I ventured out at 6:30 am in the cold to take Siesta out to potty. We are kennel -training her, so it's a mad dash outside when she comes out of the kennel after all night, let me tell you. Now I know that I really should move a little slower at times...not as graceful as I used to be...I ran out the back door with her...discovered it was raining ever so lightly...just enough to make our 'need to be pressure-washed deck' slick as ice. You can guess, right? DOWN I WENT! Down 4 steps. In the rain. In the cold. I screamed as I went...only Siesta heard & came to lick my face all over. In a brief moment, I realized even if I had broken my back or my hip that I must get to the door to call for Keller....I could NOT be found dead on my back deck in just my nightshirt & panties!!! So, I did manage to pull myself up & to the door...hollered & Keller came to my rescue. He was sweet for about 2 minutes...when he realized there was no blood and that I would indeed live, he then laughed uncontrollably. "Way to go, Mom. Come on, laugh, you know it's funny!" is what he said to be exact. Glad I could make your day, Keller.

So, several days of barely moving....soaking in hot baths...taking a Vicodin or two....and lots & lots of extra strength Tylenol...I'm still beyond black & blue over 1/2 of my legs & hips & tush & up my back. I'm so grateful that nothing was broken, but have thoroughly realized that I need to SLOW DOWN...GET IN SHAPE...and that I'm not as young as I think I am sometimes....b/c I'm certainly not healing as fast as I thought I would. (which reminds me, please pray for me & my oh-so-sore bottom on a 5 hour flight next week to Portland!!)

So, here's what I want to hear about this week, to enter you into the drawing for the Chipboard Books....WHAT'S THE WORST FALL YOU'VE EVER TAKEN? Have you ever done anything embarassing like this?!? Come on, share here...make me feel I'm not the only clutz in the world! Post here or email me at I'll post the winner Sunday night!


Sunday, January 24, 2010

Congratulations to....

this week's lucky winner...ciki! Ciki, please email me at with your contact info so I can get your prize pack out to you.

And, thanks to all who took the time to answer via blog comments and emails this weekend. We look forward to seeing many of you this year at conventions across the country...starting with Portland the first weekend in Feb. If you're heading to that one, make sure to sign up for one of our classes...they increased class size to 60 in each of them, and extended pre-registration thru the 27th, so there's still time to save your seat.

Don't forget to check back Friday for another giveaway!


Friday, January 22, 2010

It's Friday...

and time for another Fabulous Friday Giveaway!!

First, let me thank each of you who commented here or emailed us with your feedback on digital scrapbooking. Like so many of you, I am a hands-on, touchy feely scrapper....totally addicted to paper & ribbons & such. But, I do like the ease of printing some items on the computer. So, as Keller's ventures oh-so-slowly into the digital age, we hope you'll enjoy our products that allow you to print some items at home...over & over, customizing paper choices, etc. (we have some samples coming of these products) And, for our 'advanced' digital scrappers, keep the feedback coming on what you are looking for...who knows, we just might surprise you with something, too!

Ok, for this week's giveaway, which is what you're all here to find out about....

This week's prize is a package worth over $75 from Reminisce!!! One lucky winner will receive the latest & greatest Reminisce products that aren't even in stores of every color of their new Glitter Factory paper AND paper & stickers from their new Easter line AND paper & stickers from their new Great Outdoors collection. Not too shabby, huh??

So, what do you have to do this week to be entered to win? Easy as a comment here (our first choice so others can read) or email comment to us....and tell us 1) what scrapbooking convention (or more than one?) you'll be attending this year, 2) if you are or will be signed up for one of our classes, and 3)if you'll be inviting a friend who hasn't ventured into our addictive world yet.

We love this time of year...getting ready for all new classes...ready to travel & see familiar faces...but we also love seeing people who are just getting started into scrapbooking. They have so many questions, a few fears, but also such a feeling of accomplishment when they finish their first class. They also don't have any bad habits to break!! (which makes my life easier in the classroom, wink wink) So, while you're planning your scrap-related events this year, why not invite a friend who you think might like it? Scrapbooking is about so much more than just finished pages....the social time with friends along the way is a vital part too...and we hope you'll help us spread the word this year!

Ok, enough from me...leave us your comments...and good luck! The winner will be posted Sunday evening.

Happy Friday,


Monday, January 18, 2010

Congratulations... JensTreats! You won a signed copy of Kathy's Time to Scrap idea book. Email me at with all your contact information, so we can get your prize out to you. And, thanks again to Kathy for her amazing book!

Be sure to check back each & every Friday for fun giveaways, and a little scrappin' inspiration along the way.


Friday, January 15, 2010

Woo Hoo!! Another great giveaway....

This week, one lucky winner will receive a SIGNED copy of Kathy Fesmire's book, Time to Scrap!! Ya know, Kathy is our head designer, right?!? She truly is the most talented, most creative scrapbooker I've ever met...and we are so proud to have her on our team.

Ok, to win, leave a comment here (or email)...and this is what we want to know this week:

Do you do any digital scrapbooking? none? alot? a little mixed with traditional?

Just leave your comment and you'll be entered, it's that easy. Check back Sunday to see if you're the lucky winner!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

More YTR Pages & Winners of Albums....

So sorry these took all weekend to get on here....technical difficulties....but think they were worth the wait!

Have I said that I love this kit? I really do LOVE it. I'm already planning on doing 2 of these for gifts next Christmas.

A few tips & hints if you order the complete kit version:

  • You can copy our layouts...or better yet, DON'T. Look at all the pages for inspiration & possibilities of how pieces can go together....but let YOUR PICTURES determine the basis of each month. Let pieces in kit emphasize your photos.
  • If you use lots of pieces in the kit like we did in these layouts, you'll still have LOTS OF PIECES leftover. Consider ordering the Journal Sheets that you can print over & over at home to make more than one book.
  • Sometimes you don't even need to cut up the journal sheets completely...just look at July.
  • Consider b&w or sepia tone pictures instead of color ones when adding photos to these layouts....they will look more timeless, and you won't have to worry about colors in photos at all...which is a good thing when you're tying photos together from an entire month, not just one event or person.
  • All the patterned papers & cut pieces in this kit are DOUBLE-SIDED, which gives you even more options. Some sides are more whimisical, some more vintage. The possibilities with this kit are only limited by your imagination!
Ok, that's a start...we'll be having more layouts each month using the kit, showcasing actual layouts from our design team members. You'll get to see different styles of scrapbooking, all done with the same pieces. We'll keep the tips & techniques coming, too.

Now, on to the winners of the 6x6 albums by Ever After Albums....
Congratulations to:
Carilyne (blog)
Melissa (blog)
Sandra Hingst (email)
Please email me at with your complete name & address so I can get your album on its way to you!
Don't forget to check back daily for inspiration here...and every Friday for a new chance to win!
Hope 2010 is off to a great start for each of you!

Friday, January 8, 2010

YTR Pages

It's been a crazy, rough I apologize for just getting sample pages headed your way of our most amazing kit ever -- "A Year to Remember".

I can't even begin to say all the things I love about this kit. I just love it. Period.

We will be posting more layouts from this kit throughout the weekend, so check back.

Oh, be sure to keep reading below for your chance to win a 6x6 album this weekend!

Happy Friday!


Fabulous Fridays Giveaway #2!!

This week we are giving away 3 prizes, not just 1! How would you like to win a beautiful 6x6 album from Ever After Albums??! We're giving away 3 of their 6x6 albums this week.

As a company who is committed to making every single thing we offer right here in the USA, it's nice to know we're not the only ones with the same commitment. And, to find it in the scrapbooking industry is even more rare! I knew I loved these albums. The quality is impressive. But, to find out that they, too, like all Keller's products, are made right here in America....well, that's just icing on the cake to me.

Here's a little more about this NC based company...

"Ever After Albums is a family owned and operated manufacturer of superior quality scrapbook albums. As a family, we have over 40 years of manufacturing experience. Having been in the scrapbook industry for the past 4 years, we recognized a continuing need for a superior quality scrapbook album. Our albums are handmade in the USA and stand alone in the industry because of our exclusive balanced spine system. The goal of this system is to keep the spine the same thickness as your finished embellished pages. Our intent is to provide a quality product, at a reasonable price, with superior customer service remaining our top priority. You have our promise that we will never ship anything that we wouldn’t use personally and our expectations are above and beyond the average scrapbooker.

Other unique properties include the 2” extension post which replaces the need to continually screw ½” extension post together. The spine wrap will accommodate up to 6” of thickness. Our most unique feature is our ability to produce custom albums using any picture that you provide. These are great for baby, wedding, anniversary, graduation, retirement, company logos and special trips. "

If you don't win one of the 3 albums this week...or if you do & just have to have's their contact info:

Ever After Albums
2921-C Battleground Ave
Greensboro, NC 27408

Order an album & try it. You'll love the products. And, it'll make you feel good knowing that you're taking care of another family-owned business who is also dedicated to our country & its economy. Taking care of each other is what we do best, right?

Tell 'em we sent ya!

Oh, you need to know how to win one here, though....

Ok, here's what we want to know this week....if you win one of these 6x6 albums & you were going to surprise someone with a completed album as a gift, who would it be & why?

It's that simple. Leave a comment here. (or email me at if you prefer...but comments here are a great way to inspire others) We will choose 3 winners at random. Winners will be posted here Sunday evening.

Happy Friday!


Wednesday, January 6, 2010

So many updates...

First, thank you for the great response to our "A Year to Remember" kit! We knew you'd like it!! And, we hope to have sample pages posted here in the next day or two.

AND NOW IT GETS EVEN BETTER....we are so excited to offer our first PDF version of one of our products...the Monthly Title & Journal Sheets that go with the entire kit! While we await the change to our site to allow you to automatically download files like this after purchase, we will in the meantime EMAIL THIS FILE TO YOU UPON PAYMENT VERIFICATION. You will recieve 13 pages, one for each month of the year complete with a mini calendar & monthly title & journaling blocks & captions...PLUS a title sheet for the year!!

You can use this with supplies you already have to create a fun album for the year...or USE IT WITH OUR COMPLETE KIT to print more journaling blocks or to print on different colors of cardstock included in the kit or to USE WITH ALL THE EXTRA PIECES IN THE COMPLETE KIT TO MAKE AN ENTIRE 2nd ALBUM! Whatever works best for you. Regular price will be 12.95 but now thru Saturday, you can get it for just $9.95! And, again, you will be emailed this file after your payment is completed, so PLEASE INCLUDE CORRECT EMAIL ADDRESS AT CHECKOUT ONLINE. You can order this file by going to our site, clicking on Retail Products, then "A Year to Remember" link. And, the best don't have to wait to have something shipped to you! (if you already ordered the entire kit & want to add this file, just email me at so you don't have to complete another entire order. You'll have alot of extra pieces from your original kit to be able to print this file & make another set by simply adding extra cardstock for pages.) Enjoy!!

NEXT NEWS -- Carnival extended the deadline for the $100 deposit on our 2010 cruise this July!!! Regular deposit amount is $250, and today was supposed to be the last day that just $100 could save your spot, but Carnival extended the date to January 29th for us! Woo hoo!!! (for all details of the cruise, check out the link in our Retail Products section...and feel free to email us with other questions you may have)

OKAY, one more bit of news -- The new monthly clubs we offer give the option of an EMBELLISHMENT ADD-ON KIT worth $20 for just $8.95...and here is what you'll get in the first add-on kit:

XL Swirls background Stamp
red line tape
1 package bling
2 rolls American Crafts ribbon
acrylic paint

To get this deal, you must be a member of one of the new club's not too late to sign up online now if you're not already enrolled, or email us to change your membership if you are already in one of our great clubs. Email us if you need info on all the clubs sent to you! Hurry, we need add-on orders by this Monday to get kits on their way!

Whew, I think that's it for now....

Hope your new year is off to a great start!


Sunday, January 3, 2010

And the winner is....

mommyof5kidz!! Congratulations to you! Please email me at with your name & address, so we can get your free "A Year to Remember" kit out to you.

And, hopefully by tomorrow, we'll have the details of the kit available for everyone else. It'll be worth the wait, we promise!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Fabulous Fridays!!!

Ok, we are sooooo excited about this! Starting today, the first Friday of 2010 (so glad it happens to be the first day of the new year, too) and going on each Friday thru the year, come to our blog for FABULOUS FRIDAYS -- giveaways we will be doing every week! We will post what you can win...what you have to do to be entered to win...then post the winners on the blog by Sunday.

Are you ready? Are you ready to win? Are you ready to celebrate Fridays?? We are, so here goes....

Fabulous Friday Giveaway #1 - Win "A YEAR TO REMEMBER" Kit

What is it, you ask? It's a kit with 12, yes TWELVE double page layouts....and a title page...with printed title sheets...and mini calendar sheets....and journaling blocks...and precut pieces as only Keller's can do...and ribbons...and embellishments...and are you getting the idea?!?! It's a TON OF STUFF, but not just stuff...stuff on a mission. You'll have the stuff, ideas for great layouts with the stuff, tips & ideas to journal throughout the year, and the peace of mind knowing you can do this with just a few minutes a month. (and if your life is like mine, minutes are all you get to claim for yourself!) When you finish 2010, you'll have an entire album's worth of layouts ready to show off...and truly be able to show that 2010 was A YEAR TO REMEMBER!

Details to buy this kit are coming this weekend....with great special pricing, too...but enter here to win one for FREE! All you have to do is leave a comment here (or email it to us if you don't want to leave a comment) and we'll pick a winner at random on Sunday. Be sure to check back here to see if you're the lucky one! Oh, wanna know what we want to know in your comment? Tell us one plan or one goal or one dream you have to make this year one to remember. Big or small. Just for you or to save the world. Just one. Thanks in advance for sharing!

Ok, that's it. Share with us. We will give a prize. Fun, huh?

Happy New Year, everyone!