Friday, November 19, 2010

Fabulous Friday???

Where have we been? Where has Fabulous Friday been? What the heck has been going on????

Well....we have been continuing our fight in email-land. Once again, I type with the hopes that we have a system that will now allow us to keep in touch with you, our valued customers. We now have an external hard drive to back up emails from our server each and every day....or at least until I can afford one like Google and Yahoo have!!

So, for today, Fabulous Friday is a little different. We won't be have a NEW giveaway, just for today. Fabulous Friday will be fabulous to all the people who have emailed in the last several days b/c I will be taking care of you today...and thru the coming days, if need be.

Today will also be fabulous for the 4 winners from our last contest! Congratulations to:
Cheryl Ford - 1 pk of DOTS Cards
Melissa Galban - 1 pk of STRIPES Cards
kimt816 - 1 pk of PLAID Cards

And, 1 each of all 3 packs goes to "Wombat Central" post on our blog!

Email me at with you contact info, and we will get your cards right out to you!

And, for everyone else, today is fabulous because of the incredible clearance sale we just started on Facebook today!!!!!!!! Haven't been to our Facebook page yet?? Now, is the time. Just click the Facebook icon from this blog...or our home page...and click on the SHOP NOW tab.

All items are at least 50% off, some things are just 25 cents! And, we have our Christmas Cards there, too...and thru Sunday, however many your order --- we will send you DOUBLE that!

Also, there is just a $5 flat shipping charge this weekend for items on Facebook. Order 1 thing or 100...$5 flat shipping! We have the available quantities of each item listed, so we won't oversell anything. Order now for best selection!

Then, check back with us here next week for another fabulous giveaway!

Happy Friday,


Thursday, November 4, 2010

Email updates...

You've heard the saying "one step forward and two steps back"....but this week has felt like one step forward and TEN steps back!! But, as I type this, I sincerely hope that all email issues are behind us. Oh, please let that be the case.

As of yesterday, over 1200 emails in my account are gone. Unrecoverable. Gone. If you have emailed me lately, please do so again. I will get back to you just as quickly as I can.

The seems to be working with no glitches. If you're having problems with any of our other email addresses, please let us know!

Again, we apologize for these issues, but please know we are working on it daily to make sure things are fixed...permanently!