Friday, October 22, 2010

Fabulous Friday is back....

and we're going to give away more prizes than ever! We missed last week 'due to technical difficulties' so we want to make it up to you for that. But, we're also super-duper excited about something new we're doing...the Keller's way, of it's easy...and fun...and stinkin' cute!

But,'s what we wanna know...and by answering these few questions, you'll be entered to win 1 of 4 (YES, FOUR!!!) great prizes this week...just read to the end to find out what you might win!

Ok, so you see this pic? What do we want to know?? We want to know what you do for Christmas Cards or Holiday Cards each year. Answer these questions by leaving a comment here or post on our Facebook fan page. Either way, you'll be entered to win.

1. Do you send cards out at all?

2. Do you send Christmas cards or Hanukah cards or New Years cards or another theme?

3. How many do you send?

4. Do you include a photo either on the card or in the card?

5. Any special card tradition that you'd like to share?

Ok, easy enough, right? Wasn't some big, long questionaire that takes you an hour to complete! Just 5 easy questions that we'd like some feedback on.

NOW, to the fun part....wanna know what your playin' for? (Survivor fans, don't you love when Jeff Probst says that before a challenge....Keller says that all week around the house)

You might win a pack of new CHRISTMAS CARDS from Keller's Creations!!! Yes, our own cards! Printed on the front with patterns from our Country Christmas Perfect Paper Collection. Printed on ultra-thick perfect white cardstock. Scored to fold. Blank inside. BUT able to run thru any home printer!! Oh, and my favorite part?? Photo slits cut on the front printed panel to hold a 4x6 photo!!!!!!!!! No tape or adhesive necessary...but also means the recipient of the beautiful card can then put the entire card in a frame b/c it's so darn cute, or they can slide that photo out & add to fridge or another frame for lasting more wondering what to do with all those holiday cards with printed sayings around pictures. Ya know, most people toss them away at the end of each season. Some of us scrappers actually incorporate them in our scrapbooks. Some of us (uh pile them up for ONE DAY when we will scrap them. But, we spend alot of time getting the right photo shot for the card...then alot of money on the cards...then alot of time addressing the cards...and then more money to send them. Wouldn't it be nice if that photo hung around someone's house a little longer?!

So, that's what you're playin' for. Our cards will be ready to ship next week, just in time for this year's upcoming Christmas season. They will be in packs of 10 in 3 options: Dots, Stripes, and Plaids. So, 3 winners will each get a pack of 1 of these patterns. Then, 1 lucky GRAND PRIZE WINNER this week will receive 1 pack each of all 3!!!

So, 4 lucky winners this week....doesn't that make Friday fabulous?

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Whew, it's been a long few months fighting email issues! But, as of today, I think - actually I pray - that they are finally fixed!!

We've been missing emails. We've been sending emails that don't go anywhere. We've had delays in emails, sometimes hours or even days. We've made server changes & upgrades, all of which made it better...but then it would start again. Finally yesterday, the technical reason I was given for our problems was SPAM! And, tons of it. More than filters can handle. Hijacking email accounts thru spam has happened to Facebook, AOL, and lots of other big companies. Guess I should feel better that it's not just us...but I don't.

So, after over 8 years of having kellerscreations@acidfree as our main email address, we've been forced to shut down that email address.

Our new main email address is Please update your address book.

You can also email me personally with

If you've emailed us in the last several months and NOT heard back from us, I'm so sorry. Please know we've been trying everything we can to fix things. Also, please email us again now if we need to follow up on anything with you.

Our contact info is now updated on the CONTACT US page on our site, too.

Please know we are still here & now able to answer each & every email in a timely manner, as we had done for years until recently.

Personally, I hate computers and other technical gadgets...but I know that we need them...have all become so dependent on them...and they do make life easier & businesses run smoother...but only WHEN THEY WORK. They can cripple you when they don't. I've lost more sleep than I can ever make up. I've had a few more glasses of wine in the last few months, in efforts to unwind after so many long hours. I want my life & my business back, both of which I used to be able to enjoy day and night! I want to get back to making customers happy, not frustrated. I want to get back to designing all the new products that are swirling in my head. Today should be the first day back in that direction.

Because of this technical crisis, we missed last Friday's usual post here on our blog. We will make that up to you this Friday, so check back.

Please help us spread the word of our new contact information. And, thank you for your patience & continued support!


Saturday, October 9, 2010

Fabulous Friday (Saturday Edition)!

So this is a day late...the pace of things really picks up in the fall, doesn't it?

First of all, our winner of the calendar kit from last week is Babs (blog post). Babs, email us with your info so we can get your prize out to you. Thank you all for your sweet comments to the McLendon family and Keller!

I ran across a quote this week that I LOVE:

"There are two ways to live your life.
One is as though nothing is a miracle.
The other is as if everything is."
-Albert Einstein

I just love this. Sometimes we get bogged down in the day to day or the worries of life. This helped me put a little perspective on things that I am going through, as well as others around me.

Now for today's giveaway-we're giving away one of our brand new wall hangings to help you get a head start on the holidays.

To be entered in the drawing to win, just leave a comment telling us what "little miracle" you are thankful for!

Have a great weekend!


Friday, October 1, 2010

New Giveaway & Winner from last Friday...

First, congratulations to FrancineB (post in blog comments) for being the winner of last week's giveaway. Francine, please email us your info so we can get your Magnetic Photo Rope out to you!

Now, for this week's giveaway...was working on another post, but decided to shoot from the heart, so to speak. It's been a rough two weeks. I can't go into any details at all, but my heart aches for my son. Keller is being faced with something that most adults would not know how to deal with. If you're a mom, you know how hard it is to watch your child learn tough lessons in life. It's so hard to make them see now that these trials, no matter how painful & seemingly insurmountable, will strengthen their spirit...fortify their character...prepare them for even more trials down the road. It's hard to make them see that choosing to do the right thing when no one is watching is the real test. It's also hard to NOT be able to shout from the rooftops how proud you are of your child, when you're not supposed to know all they are facing & how they are choosing to handle it.


Also, going on in Thomasville today is the Memorial Service for our fallen hero, Blake McLendon, who was killed in Afghanistan last week while serving in the US Navy. Our city has declared today "A day of mourning in Thomasville". To Blake's family, please know how grateful we are for your son's life, his service to our nation, and his sacrifice. You are in our thoughts and prayers.

Ok, now for some for today's giveaway...since I am anxiously anticipating a new year already, I want to give one lucky winner our new Calendar Kit for 2011. You can see it in the shopping section on our website under the Calendars link...and it's pictured on our facebook page, too.

To be entered in the drawing, just leave us a comment today...either advice from one mom to another, as we all need to draw off each other's wisdom & strength...or better yet, a simple shout out to Blake, his family, and/or all those serving in our military. Post here or on our Facebook page.

Good luck!