Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Step by step instructions...

It's so fun at the conventions to see the 'aha' moment on the face of a customer...when it becomes clear at just how easy our system is! Some get it right away, some need a little explanation, and some walk away b/c our booth is too crowded or we look too busy to help. But, we want to help every scrapper & paper crafter out there!! We want everyone to have more time to take photos of life's happenings...more time to create fun projects...more time to complete more layouts. Our products can do that for you!

So, for starters, we've had some new 'story boards' created this week to take to the conventions. We hope these will help answer some basic questions...but, of course, we'll be there to offer help to everyone, too.

We're posting them here, so customers can refer back to them when planning pages at home...or shopping on our site for more products. These are just the beginning of some 'step-by-step' hints that we hope will take the fear away of trying new products...and free you to amaze yourself at how many great projects you can complete in just minutes!

Enjoy...and create!


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