Friday, September 3, 2010

JV Jackets...and another Fabulous Friday Giveaway!

After over 400 pictures last week and this...I got a little smarter. I've gotten some shots that I love & will treasure...but none of Keller's gameface, none facing me, none up close...and believe me, I've put my telefoto lense to the test. So, I got the attention of one of the film guys at the JV game yesterday...gave him my camera & asked him to pose as a Yearbook photographer...pointed out Keller & off he went. Here's my favorite shot:

I thought Keller would recognize the camera, but I was safe. It's a good thing I had already talked to the yearbook staff last week & said I'd be sharing pix from the games...maybe one of those from yesterday will make the book...then Keller will never know!

Here's one I, love, LOVE that Keller so enjoys every moment he's with the team. (guess that might not be true during sprints) Just look at his face...says it all...

And, I'm so impressed with the whole coaching staff. They are so much more than coaches to these boys. Especially Keller. He's gained a group of dads to call his own. And, I love that they pray before and after each game.

Guess that's enough football jabber for this week...oh, wait...GO DAWGS!!!! Just had to get that in...UGA kicks off at 12:21 EST tomorrow...after a long winter, spring & summer. I'm so ready for the boys of fall!

Ok, so, I will focus. We have another great giveaway this week. But, would you like to know who WON last week first?!?!?! Drum roll, please......

Kim Bright! Congratulations, Kim!! Email us your info & your prize pack from Queen & Co. will be on its way to you.

For this week, we have a prize pack of 5 Clearly Clever Transparencies from Got Memories in Greensboro, NC. Just add photos & an embellishment or two, and you'll have a layout done in mere minutes with these 8.5x11 transparency sheets...they even have a "built in photo box" so you know just where to put your photo.

Visit their site here:

To be entered to win these 5 great packs, just leave a comment here or on our Facebook fan page telling us who your favorite football team is & why. Don't like football? Don't know a team to cheer for?? Just put GO DAWGS or GO JACKETS as your'll make me & Keller happy and be entered to win, all at the same time!

(I'll be sure to update Facebook tomorrow with Keller's varsity game score tomorrow....there's even more pressure for them to win tonight as they were ranked 5th in the state in AAAA football this week!)

Check back as we post the winner the first of the week, too.

Happy Friday,



Kristie Maynard said...

Well, I'm not a big football fan, but since I live in the Buffalo, NY area, I have to say my favorite team is the Buffalo Bills. I know they haven't been a winning team for a while, but ya gotta support the home team!!!

jengd said...

I'm not a big football fan... ok, not at all, but my hubbie and son will be glued to the tv tomorrow when Penn State has their first game of the season. Go Nittany Lions!

Jenny McGee said...

Go Jackets. Actually, living in a Philadelphia suburb, I have to say we route for the Philadelphia, Eagles. At least my husband does. I am not so much into football.

ALH1203 said...