Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Update on Lori

Last year, my brother (aka SuperDave mentioned at end of article linked below) rallied around his friend Lori to raise over $30,000 to help her recovery from a massive stroke. A huge portion of the money raised went to purchase the custom wheelchair that she uses now to get around. It's so great to know that she isn't confined to a bed all day now!

Many of you helped in the money-raising efforts, too, and we wanted to thank you once more for your generosity. And, we wanted to give you an update on Lori and her recovery. Many of you ask me on the road how she's doing, so I was so happy to see another article yesterday about her on (link to article is below) And, I personally went to see her while visiting my brother in Savannah last November. I took pictures of them & sent a framed one to Lori for Christmas. Pictures just make life happier, don't they?!?

Thank you for being our customer. Thank you for caring beyond measure for others who are struggling. Thank you for letting me continue in this job that means the world to me.

Thank you.

Read the full update on Lori here:

And, thanks to my brother for being such an amazing guy!


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deb said...

I am blogging I guess on your video that I watched. It was great. Music a little annoying though. Made me look at circles differently.