Saturday, December 17, 2011

A year in the life...

As so many of you know, it's been a rough year for our family.

This time last year, Papa started having back pain. On February 11th, we found it the pain was coming from pancreatic cancer. We thought we had weeks left with him.

So, I began taking pictures. I seem to be able to handle life better looking thru a lense than head on sometimes.

I also came up with a plan back in February. I decided to take enough pictures to be able to give my mom a new one EVERY DAY FOR A YEAR after Papa passed.

We were so blessed to have him 9 months and 1 week after that dreadful day of 2-11-11. So, I was able to achieve my goal...and I've beeng giving Mom a new picture every day since we lost him on 11-18-11.

It's been a gift for myself, too. I love photos and always have...guess that's why I do this job I do. The details of photos stir me. I feel them, not just see them. And, I am so grateful to have the photos from this year...especially like this one above of Mom and Papa. You can see the love. You can feel their love. You can see Mom's weariness and pain. It says so much about this year.

So.....back to my plan. I also decided in Feb to come up with a product to go with the photos I would be giving Mom. So, now you all know where & why our CALENDAR CARDS came to be!

In each set you get 1 card for each month that includes a month title, a poem about the month on a tag, a round calendar (blank so it works for any year), and a journaling card. Each set also has 6 title cards, to do different themed albums...Baby's 1st year, 1st year of marriage, or any special year.

There is one title I included: "365 A Day at a Time". It's for Mom's book that will have the pictures I'm giving her this year.

Well, we started selling the Calendar Cards sets in November, and we love all the feedback we are receiving. They are so versatile...use them on Connectors to make wall hanging calendars...use the tags to make mini albums...or use them to make a full 12x12 album.

NOW, we are proud to bring you a KIT featuring a title page and twelve 12x12 double page spreads to complete a whole year's album in just a couple hours!!!

Here's one of the titles included, but you'd have 5 more to choose from....

And, the kit includes over 250 precut pieces and pages to create all this....

You like??? Seriously, what do you think? Isn't this an achievable goal for each of us this year?? If any of you are like me and wwaaaayyyy behind in keeping up with your photos, this is something even I can pull off with my pictures of me and Keller...a few photos each month...and I'd be so proud to show it off in a year!

Or, this time of year, just think of the gift possibilities!!! Or think of friends having babies this year...or getting married this year...and back to the piles of old photos we all have...oh, I could use about 10 of these myself!!

WHO WANTS TO WIN ONE OF THESE COMPLETE KITS???? (yes, we will get them online for sale very, very soon)

But, for now, leave a comment here on our blog...or on our facebook page by noon EST Sunday to be entered to win this kit. Tell us something about this year in your life...something good or is full of both. Just tell us one thing about 2011...and we will draw a name tomorrow afternoon. Actually, Keller usually draws our winners, so blame him (not me) if you don't win! :)

And, lastly, I can't tell you what each of you means to me. Your love, support, emails, comments on facebook, texts, cards, letters....and mostly prayers, have been such blessings to me and my family. You carried us thru this year. You and God's amazing grace. Thank you.

Let's make 2012 a great year!


Now, leave us a comment about your year...we can't wait to read them. And, good luck!!!


Cheryl said...

Thankful that Chris' guardian angels were on duty when he fell 10 feet and didn't break/strain anything.

Sarah Babin said...

We've had a wonderful year. Thankful for continued improved health in my son with Epilepsy.

fancyscrapper said...

It's been a really tough year for me. Had some nasty childhood demons raise their heads. The beautiful thing is that I'm better for having faced them, and my family stood by me and supported me during a difficult time. I am overwhelmingly thankful for my family. They are amazing!

scrapmom2jnb said...

My husband is coming up on two years of unemployment...a few odds and ends throughout but not much. 2012 has GOT to be better! My two boys are the absolute joys of my life and they help the bad days seem better. I have always loved your products and resolve to scrap more......

April said...

I am thankful to be the mom of two great boys who teach me about love, joy and patience every day!

christi said...

what a great way to memorialize someone. would love to win one. this year i have come to realize that my physical body is wearing out. not good, not bad, just reality.

Carol Meadows said...

I was able to plan and help with my daughter's wedding 11-11-11. Two weeks later I found out I have a tumor on the side of the knee. MRI to confirm on Tuesday. Tumor Specialist scheduled on Dec.28 but I have faith to see it through

grammylw said...

Thankful that my Son finally got a good job after being unemployed for over 2 years. At 33 I think he's finally growing up! Now if my Son-in-law could could find a job. He lost his job he had for 17 yrs. when our president decided to shut down Sally Mae.He works 2 part time jobs but needs a real job with benefits. Maybe the new year will bring help for our country.

Cilla said...

I'm so grateful for my son coming home from the border, finding the woman of his dreams and marrying her on 11-11-11. We love her and her family. The Lord is good!