Monday, July 9, 2012

Top Ten.

I love 'top ten' lists.  I love them on Letterman late night.  I love reading lists on all kinds of topics that I've seen in that format.  We often joke around our house about our top ten pet peeves.  Black Reebok shoes (think late 80's) are number one on that list for me.  Well, maybe 2nd to popping gum.

Well, I have a new top 10 list.  Here it is:

1.  Love.

2.  Unleash your joy.

3.  Be yourself.

4.  Celebrate the abundance in your life.

5.  Embrace vulnerability.

6. Tell your story.

7.  Ask for what you need.

8.  Listen to forgiveness.

9.  Believe in the power of kindness.

10.  Trust your heart whispers.

We'll talk about each of these & the source of my list in later blog posts.  But, there's my list.  Stay tuned...


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Misty Gage said...

I found your blog after I purchased several of your paper packs at the CK- Las Vegas convention. I love them and your blog...I even have a link for it on my own blog so that others can hopefully find there way here!

I'm still new to the whole blogging thing but if you'd like to visit me its