Monday, September 8, 2008

Search & Find Contest Winners

Thanks to all of you who sent us answers to our latest 'search & find' contest. We've drawn 3 winners...but we wanted to clarify a couple things.

We do these type of contests for give you a silly reason to scroll thru our learn more about us & our products along the way. We don't really care what the question or the answer is...we want you to enjoy the process....just like our approach to classes & scrapbooking as a whole. Enjoy the journey, regardless of how it turns out. We give you a silly question & have the answer in a blog post, even if it's not the CNN or Google answer. On this one, our local news said we rec'd 17" in one day...obviously more over the 3 days that we were affected by the storm. So, we got answers from 17" to 27", with some down to the hundreths of an inch. We appreciate the effort of your research...but you don't need to look far to answer any question we ask...just head to our blog...enjoy the sites along the way to the answer you're sent to find...then cross your fingers that we draw your name!

Hope that helps explain this past contest a little better.

Now, on to the 3 winners...

Congratulations to:

Linda Shea
Amanda Dossa
Gladys Doll

Each of you has won a $10 gift certificate to our online store! Just email us at by 9-30-08 to claim your code.

Thanks to each of you who participated...and the lucky 3 who won. Each of you, stay you know we'll do something like this again soon!!!


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