Monday, November 10, 2008

Baby Gift...

Sorry these aren't the best pix (camera issues!) but I wanted to share this so you'd all know that I practice what I preach - yes, our products really do make it so easy that you can do an album in @ 2 hours!!!!

These pages are from a baby album I did for a friend having her first baby next week...we can't wait to meet Jackson! Since she doesn't scrapbook yet, but swears she will start with his pictures, I wanted to give her a jumpstart...and I knew she wouldn't forgive me if I 'bought' her a present instead of making one. Thus, I took a couple hours - literally about 2 hours & 15 minutes - and filled an entire album!

I printed his name & the info for her to fill in on cardstock, then traced our small Stacker circle & cut it out to fit inside the scalloped Stacker circle.

I kept all the pages simple enough for her to add photos where I used our 'place photo here' stamp...and stamped our 'journal here' stamp on the yellow post-it notes you see, so she can pull those up & write in the details.

After she puts pix on the pages & does her journaling, there's still plenty of room for more embellishments. I wanted to provide a good starting point, but want the book to have her style & special touches.

The book was a hit! And, my friend sees now that she CAN do this...that with the pre-cut pieces, anyone can.
I encourage you to make albums...or just a couple pages like this for friends & family...maybe they'll get hooked on our great hobby...or maybe they'll just add pictures & forever think of you when they enjoy the pages. Either way, it's worth the effort...and it sure doesn't take much time!

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Carrie said...

Very cute idea and album Kim. I'm sure she loved it!