Saturday, December 20, 2008

Keller's Kids - OUR NEWEST CLUB!!

We are so EXCITED to now offer a monthly scrapbooking club, just for kids!!! We had planned to roll this out in '09, but moved it up to have it ready in time for the holidays.

With the state of our economy, people will be spending more time at home with their kids...which is a great thing. And for us scrapper's, our kids usually want to 'help mommy' while we 'play' this way they can be involved completely...without helping themselves to our stash! Besides that, just think of their pride in making projects that they can give as gifts...the way they will begin to view their own lives if they are documenting it in both pictures and words every month...and the time you can spend together sharing a hobby you love so much.

We've taken all the stress out of it for providing a kit suitable for kids of any age (old enough to hold child-safe scissors, that is) that includes a project 'outside' the traditional scrapbook each month (like a wall hanging, mini fold out book, etc) PLUS an 8x8 layout for them to scrap something from their life each month. Club membership starts at just 19.95 each month, with each additional kit being less...since many of you have more than one child. (if you have more than 6 children...or are planning to join this for a larger group, please email or call us for pricing). Oh, the kits also include FREE shipping!

So, just in time for the start of Hanukah and a few days til Christmas, we're giving you another great gift to give this year. Give the membership to your child or I'm giving it to Keller...but I think we'll be the ones who receive many blessings from the investment we'll be making!

We hope you'll join us. Merrry Christmas!


OH, to join the club, click thru to, then click on Retail Products, then Clubs & Kits link. You'll see all the info there.

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Millie said...

I love making lists, just so I can check something off!

The main item on my to-do list that I loathe and dread is exercising. But, I watch a movie or television show while I'm on the treadmill, and that helps the time pass more quickly.

Here are some ideas for whittling down your list.
First of all, make sure the tasks on your list are really necessary. Some of them could be eliminated completely, or replaced with a simpler, less time-consuming action that would accomplish the same goal. For example, do you really need to bake cookies for Little League snacks? Wouldn't a granola bar or piece of fruit accomplish the same thing? Are some of the tasks there just to make you look good to someone else? (Same example!)
Another way to whittle the list down is to see if anyone else can help with a particular job, or even do it for you. Two working on a task makes it go more quickly.
A third way is to do all of your errands in the same trip. Map out your route to save time and gas. Don't run errands every day. We waste a lot of time in the car if we aren't wise about it.
A final suggestion is to make it a "game". See how much you can accomplish in a certain amount of time, say 30 minutes. It's amazing how many tasks really only take a few minutes.

Just be sure to save time to have fun - the scrapbook calls!