Saturday, December 27, 2008

NEW Webisode now on YouTube!!!

We were so overwhelmed with the repsonse to our Webisode idea!!! Thank you to those of you who sent us your feedback...we will try to get to as many of your questions & ideas as we can...but please keep in mind that we will be doing these webisodes for more info & instruction on our own Keller's products.

Out of the hundreds of responses, we picked 3 lucky winners...Congratulations to:

Stacy Goodman
Sandi McFarland
Cathy Kysar

Just email us at to claim your $10 online gift certificate. If you didn't win, never worry...we'll be doing more fun giveaways soon!

In fact, you can watch our 1st demo Webisode that we've just uploaded...then visit our new link "Webisode Specials" on our site...and you'll see how to get a great product for FREE!!

Here's the YouTube link for our new Webisode:

Please let us know what you think...either by comment here on our blog or via email.

And, did you know that you can subscribe on YouTube to our Webisodes?? It's free, and that way you'll be the first to know when we upload new ones!

Thanks for your enthusiasm to our newest way to keep in touch!



Sheryl - Skylar & Maci's Noni :} said...

I just loved the webisode! Very informative and helpful and easy to be able to follow and do myself. Thanks, I know it is hard work to get the webisodes together and uploaded for all of us to view. Keep up the good work, I look forward to seeing more!

FrancineB said...

Wonderful job on the webisode. Clear instructions with good visual examples. I'm looking forward to checking them out in the future.

kimbo1970 said...

Saw the webisode and liked the idea of putting a pocket for a gift card or picture.

kimbo1970 said...

I saw the webisode and enjoyed the ideas. I have some of the accordian tags and now I know what to do with them.