Friday, January 29, 2010

Classic Shapes....

When I think of 'classic', I think timeless. Traditional. Back to basics. Must have.

That's just what our new shapes are...classic.

Classic Scrolls - 5.5x5.5"

Classic Tags - 4x5.75"

Classic Circles - 6"

Classic Hearts - 5.5x5.75"

They will be the perfect addition to our other precut pieces - Ring, Stackers, Connectors, etc. Layer them up & see the possibilities. AND, we are offering them in chipboard books, too...made out of the same great chubby chipboard as our Connectors. (these are the kind we're giving away this below for details if you haven't already) Order them in chipboard, solid cardstock colors (under Cardstock Creations) or in all the fun print options of our Mix & Match Collections.

Stay tuned for layout & card ideas with these classic shapes...oh, and some mini books, too.

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ellenmcrawley said...

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