Friday, March 12, 2010

Another Fabulous Friday!

It's Friday...that means time for another great giveaway!

This week we're giving away 2 sets of our favorite acrylic paints-1 bottle each of 4 great colors. We use these for painting chipboard, distressing pieces and pages, and so much more.

Any acrylic paint is acidfree and safe to use in your scrapbooks. So, you can buy the inexpensive bottles from the craft store or Walmart (about $1.00 each), or you can buy the bottles that look a little cuter from other manufacturers (usually $3-$5) geared toward scrapbooking.

So, to win these pretty colors of paint...tell us your favorite story involving painting...whether in your scrapbook or painting your house...anything! Did your child try to help you and end up making a mess? Did your dog step in paint and track it all over your house?

I guess my story would have to be that I let my 7 year old daughter paint a plaster figure she got from the store. When I came to check on her, she was tired of painting the figure and had covered her hands in paint and kept sticking her hands together...what a mess!

So, share your story with us...remember, we'll have 2 winners this week!

Have a great weekend!



doggiemom said...

I guess my favorite story to tell happened when I started to do a decorative paint job in my dining room. I thought I would paint a rock wall and put vines around on it. Well, everyone that comes over happens to mention how much my wall looks like a giraffe, I am now thinking I should change it and put a neck and head over the door and really make it look like a giraffe. They all know how much I just love all kinds of animals and my favorite place to go is the zoo. Even if I am out of town just visiting, I like to go that city zoo and take a look around. I do have to say my favorite so far is still the Zoo in Wichita, KS. No partiality at all. LOL

mccat said...

My story has to do with my son when he was in pre-K. They had been doing finger painting that day and when we got home he went outside to play. All of a sudden I hear this blood curdling scream from him, I run outside to see what could have happened to him. He says, I'm bleeding, I'm bleeding! I look at his hands and around his finger nails and cuticles there is red paint. I tell him it's only paint and take him inside to wash his hands and remove the left over paint and show him and just like that he stops crying and says "Oh, okay" and goes back out to play. Meanwhile, I sitting there trying to recover from his horrific screams. Thank God, he will be 35 years old next month.

ANGELA said...

We had just bought our first house and my MIL had come over to help us paint while I was at work. I come home from work and of course jump right in to help. I told my hubby and MIL that I had never painted a wall before - only crafts. They both assured me I would get the hang of it. I did not! I plunged the paintroller in the paint and started applying paint to the walls - my MIL freaked out on me witha few choice words and informed me that we had 10 gallons of paint I didn't need to spread the paint that thin. After working all day I didn't take too kindly to the criticism with no directions on how to do it properly so I put the paintroller down and said, "Then maybe next time you'll listen to me when I tell you I don't know how to do something!" Not my finest moment but she got ugly first! Luckily we've moved on but I still have never painted a wall!

A.B.Wilmes said...

My favorite painting story would be when I was painting initials to hang on the wall of our living room, I thought that it was be such an easy job. I got the letters and the paint color, and set out to paint them. I was sure one coat would do, but I was way wrong, so as I waited for the first coat to dry so that I could apply the second, I let the brush set right next to the letters in the air and walked away. When I came back a few hours later, the brush was as hard as a rock, I couldn't figure out why. My husband asked if I washed in out after I did the frist coat, I said no I was coming back to do another coat so I didn't think that I needed too. He laughed for awhile, then tried to clean the brush so that I could use it again, but it was a lost cause. It's safe to say that I haven't attempted another painting job in quite awhile.

Shelley said...

One time, we helped some friend repaint a room. My husband is not one for detailed manual labor. Our friend still complains about his painting skills (or lack therof)!

JoAnn TX said...

My husband & I decided to paint a ceramic Christmas trees for each of our 2 daughters for Christmas. We weren't familiar with ceramic paint. One jar was very, very thick and I gave the small tree 3 coats of paint as instructed. After it had been fired, every hole on the tree to hold the lights was closed because the thick paint had melted into the holes. We had to buy a drill bit to remove the paint from the holes. We were lucky I only painted one tree. It was a good laugh but a lot of work to fix.

Sara said...

My hubby decided to help me paint the Florida room for the second time because I didn't like my first color choice. I kept asking him if he even had any paint on the roller and he would yell back, "Yes, babe!" When I woke up the next day to do some touch up work I noticed the wall my hubby was painting looked like it had hair. It turns out he didn't have enough paint on the roller and all the fibers were pulling out and they were now stuck on the wall. Needless to say, it was a quick way to ensure I would never ask for his help again. Ha!

Pamk said...

This involves a friend who had a grandson same as age and name as my son Josh. His parents got to lookng for him and he'd decided to paint their laundray room blue and I mean the whole room. Dryer, washer, walls, floors, clean clothes everything. He was almost four lol. I had to laugh cause mine could have done the ssme thing.