Friday, March 26, 2010

Wishing for a Fabulous Friday...

Today is not going to be easy. Just as many days during this week of March have not been easy for me lately. 4 years ago this week, my grandmother -- Ginny to those who knew & loved her -- passed away after a courageous bout with Alzheimers. 2 years ago today, my father left us suddenly after a fall & hitting his head. And today. Today we go to the memorial service for our friend & mentor & teacher & artist....well, you get the picture. Please say a silent prayer or keep a good thought for her friends & family today.

So, what do I want from you today to be entered into our Fabulous Friday giveaway this week? I want to hear GOOD things. HAPPY things. What is this week like for you? What has it been like before? Birthdays? Weddings? Vacations? Silly Stories? Please, I beg of you, send us comments & emails full of good news...happy memories...make us laugh today. Or at least try to.

That's it....send us something good about this week in your life, past or present. You'll be entered to win a Tote Bag w/ fun surprises from Create N Crop, the fun group that put on the event in Perry, GA two weeks ago. You can go to if you're in the southeast & would like to attend one of their other events.

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Grammykrob said...

I did not know Debbie unless i had met her at a show. But I know she will be missed and my thoughts are with her family and friends.

My happy time and reason I have made March my 2nd birthday is SEVEN years ago I finished may last chemo and was declared CANCER FREE. And it has reade its ugle hear again!!

Again blessing to you all and just remember the good stuff about those that have left us.

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Lois said...

Twenty-seven years ago this month I was happily awaiting the birth of my first child. I think this was the happiest time of my life knowing that God was going to entrust a small life to my care. Thank you God for that blessing.

Shelley said...

We have fun things coming up this next week. We are hosting a nighttime egg hunt. We give the kids (mostly teenagers) flashlights. We divide them in two groups, have them hide the eggs, and then switch spots and hunt in the dark via flashlight! It's quite fun. I like that all I have to do is stand around and supervise!

ANGELA said...

My happy thought is the fact that I have fresh flowers on our dining room table EVERY day thanks to my lovely three year old daughter. We are working on her only picking "God flowers" versus people planted flowers!! :)

Jennifer said...

What about when the roof caved in on the car?

Getting manicures and pedicures instead of working....


Dots in the diaper

Snow in the shower

Elephants at hotels?

Fix it with cheese dip!

"You're fired!"

Do you still need a few more?? I will get back to you!


Amanda Miller said...

I am so sorry this week has been so tough for you.I take comfort in knowing the people I have lost are in a better place and feel no more pain.You are one of the strongest woman I have ever met and I know you can make it threw this.

On to my good news....Connor is POTTY TRAINED!!As you know he is a hard headed 3 year old and it took forever to train him.The best part about it is all the money I was spending on pull-ups can now go to my scrapbook budget every month!WOO HOO!!I will see you later this week for some retail therapy.