Friday, June 11, 2010

Fabulous Friday - and winners!

The winners of the 2 Birthday Banners are...Joyce and The Swires. Please email us with your shipping info- Congratulations!

Here in the South, Summer is in full swing! 95 degree + days...great weather for lots of outdoor activities! And you have to take lots of photos of the summer fun.

So, our question(s) this week:
Do you take your camera with you everywhere? What type of camera-DSLR or point-and-shoot? How many photos do you take a day? A week?

I'll be honest, I don't take as many photos as I should-or take my camera with me as much as I should. It's a DSLR and sometimes it just feels like too much to carry, even though I LOVE the quality of the photos!

This week we're giving away 2 prizes again...2 of these adorable All My Memories Vituri camera purses-1 black and 1 red. Great for carrying your camera on the go!

Just answer the questions above here on the blog and you'll be entered to win. Winners will be announced Sunday night, June 13.

Have a great weekend!



Grammykrob said...

I have both DSL and point and shoot.
Some time I find myself not taking the DSL because of the size.
The 3 of pictures depends on what is going on in my life at the time
Pass It On

Christine said...

I have a point and shoot. I tend to have my camera with me more often than not. Would love to have an SLR though.


TeenaBugg38 said...

I tend to always have a camera with me....sometimes it's just the one on my cell phone...which takes cruddy pix but sometimes something happens that you just gotta photograph.....I almost always ahve my canon point and shoot with me. I keep it in my purse.....yeah It's a sickness.....LOL. I take probably 100's of pix each week.

terri said...

I have both and wish I would remember to take at least one of them with me when I am out and about.

I had been taking the point and shoot everywhere last year while I was doing the picture a day thing. But have really slacked off this year.

I do take at least 5 pictures a week. Sometimes a few more but generally that's it. I need to get that number up!


Pamk said...

I have my point and shoot little nikon digital in my pocketbook all the time. Depends on what's going could be as little as none to 20 or more.

Shelley said...

I have a point and shoot that also has some manual settings. I have no desire to be a professional photographer, my camera definitely suits me needs, and I am very happy with the quality of photos that I get! I do not take my camera everywhere and don't take as many photos as I should. I have found, however, that if I leave it sitting out, our friends will pick it up and take photos when they are here.

LindaP said...

I have both SLR and point and shoot. I seem to not take SLR with me on a daily basis because of weight...but it takes the best pictures. I also have point and shoot, don't really take it with me all the time though.

Colleen said...

I don't take my "good" camera with me every day, but my iPhone camera works well in a pinch. My better camera is a Canon point & shoot. On an average day I probably don't take any pics, but during the week I might take 2-3 photos of random stuff.

wolfdancegillette said...

I do not always take my camera with me, but I do evaluate photo opportunities everytime I leave the house. I have a DSL which I absolutely love, when I do take pictures it averages 15-40 a shoot. We have beautiful cactus flowers that bloom for 24 hours and often on my way out the door to work, I have to come back in the house to get the camera to take the pictures.

Sharon said...

I have a Kodak Easy Share and it is very easy to use. I take lots of pictures with it almost daily! I probably take 10-20 pics a week.

Kris said...

I have a Cannon Rebel and love it. Depending on the activities of the week I could take 100 to 600 shots.

Kris Barnes, IA

Margo W said...

I have both camera formats. I carry a small point and shoot in my purse so I don't miss the everyday times that I used to miss out on. I take my DSLR for special occasions as the photos are so much better.
Margo W

Margo W said...

Opps - forgot how many pics. I take most of my pics with the point and shoot, since that's the one I usually have handy - and I depending on the photo opportunities, I may take none one week and hundreds the next - like graduation week! On those types of events I put my 75-300mm lens on the DSLR camera and alternate between it and the point and shoot to capture all I can of the event!
Margo W

SuzieJ said...

I have a Kodak Easy Share and I love it. I don't take it with me all the time but when I go on adventures with my grandchildren I always have it. Of course I use it during the holidays.
And when I'm babysitting I haul it out if we're doing something special or just raking leaves. Usually the family goes "Oh dear here she goes again". By the time I am finished they're buggy eyed.

Winning the photo purse would be tremendous since it would make my pocketbook lighter and I wouldn't have to go digging for it.

On average I use it about 5-7 times a week.