Friday, June 18, 2010

Fabulous Friday!

Just saying 'It's Friday' can lift your spirits! (even if you have to work all weekend, like me) Fridays are meant for fun. And, they are soooo fun with our Fabulous Friday giveaways each week!

This Friday is fun, too, because it gives you the rest of today (til midnight EST tonight) to order anything & everything you want from our site AND earn 1/2 that amount in FREE products, coming out in early July! (email us at if you don't get our emails & we can answer any questions you have about this offer)

This Friday is also fun because we have just celebrated our 8th year in business! Not easy, by any means. But, we're still here. Ready to battle it out, I mean enjoy another year. Thank you for helping us make it this far, especially with as difficult as the last 2 years have been. Thank you for becoming more than customers...many of you are now dear friends. Thank you for your prayers for me & Keller, as well as so many words of encouragement. Seriously, thank you.

Oh, back to our FABULOUS FRIDAY giveaway this week....

Here's what we want to know:

With Father's Day this weekend, what does it mean to you?

For me, it's always been my least favorite 'holiday' of sorts. I didn't know my father growing up...but finally met him when I was 37. I was lucky enough to develop a relationship with him, full of forgiveness & honesty. It was such a blessing & the bravest thing I've ever done...finding him, making that first phone call, and driving across country in a '93 Camry to make it all possible! Keller was with me, every step of the way. And, when my dad suddenly passed away 2 years ago, it made those few days we spent together & the following phone calls & emails even more treasured. So, to my dad, Happy Father's Day.

Also, for the 14 years I've had Keller, his father came & went the first couple he really has no memory of him. His life consists of just us two. So, for both of us, father's day has always been a little strange. One day, I hope he wants to make the same journey I find his father & see the truth, no matter what that may be.

Then, last night, I got a sweet message from a dear customer, now said "Happy Mather's Day"....explaining it was for all us moms who fill both rolls, mother and father. I loved the message & love the meaning. Thank you, Liz, for that. Much needed and much appreciated.

So, enough from my end...what does Father's Day mean to you? now? growing up? difficult like it has been for us? or amazingly special? Good or bad, we want to hear! Just post your comments here or email them to us....that's all you have to do to be entered this week. Oh, but what's up for grabs this week?? One lucky winner will receive a 3pk Assortment of our Accordion Photo Boards, one each 4x6, 5x7, and 6x8. If you haven't tried these yet, you really should. They make the easiest gifts...look great...and use up all your extra scrappin' pieces left over from other projects & pages.

Good luck! And, Happy Friday!



Michael said...

Father's Day is a wonderful day to remember that my husband is truly an equal partner with me in raising our children and for that alone I want to celebrate him. My Father growing up was the bread winner, but not much more, and my children are so blessed to have a Father who is truly active in so many aspects of their lives. I look forward to celebrating both my Father and my husband because I am blessed to have two so very special men in my life.

wolfdancegillette said...

Father's Day for me is both happy and sad. Happy for all of the silly gifts we gave Dad that he wore proudly, and all of the wonderful memories, yet a little sad that I did not get to celebrate more of them. He passed away when I was young, which is why scrapbooking all of the memories has been such a wonderful journey for me. To all of you that serve the role of Father, have a happy and blessed day.

ALH1203 said...

Father's Day means spending the day with all of the special dads in my life - my father, my hubby and my father-in-law. They are all amazing men and each of them have their own special qualities. :) Love them!!!

Lauri said...

Father's day is usually spent with my Dad. He was a great dad when I was growing up and still is, 'though we nearly lost him a year and 1/2 ago with a subdural hemotoma (bleeding on the brain). Luckily he has regained most of his mental capacity, but his mobility is a bit limited.

I also like to make sure that we do something special for my husband. He's been a great dad to our 2 sons (20 & 24 now). He stayed home with them much of the time while I worked full time.