Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Hi from our owner!

I just wanted to say how excited I am to have our blog up & running! It's just the first of many exciting changes taking place with our company. We've got new products coming out weekly, lots of giveaways in store, and our Class Club packs are a huge hit. And, we're having alot of fun with our new "Scrap Outside the Bubble" campaign. In fact, for all online orders over the next week, you'll get a 'surcie' of bubblegum! (a surcie is a of my favorite childhood words that still makes me smile) You may not get any sour apple gum, though, as I may have to keep it all to myself!

Thanks for taking the time to join us here...and please come back often. We'll be adding featured products, projects to copy, sketches of the week, and so much more.



saucersrus said...

The blog looks GREAT!! I'm looking forward to your sketches and contests and stuff. Will you be back to Panama City for the January Toys for Kids Crop??

Amy Saucer

Jules said...

I used to have this layout on my blog! Nice choice.;)
I love your stuff & always buy it at the Arlington Scrapbook convention.

Cora said...

Your blog is Fantastic!! I am looking forward to all of the things you will be adding.
See you in January at the Toys For Kids crop:-)