Monday, October 1, 2007

Welcome to the Blog!

We are very excited to begin our new Keller's Creations Blog!! We just got back from Memory Trends in Las Vegas. We had a great time meeting the retailers and had a wonderful show.
We even did some shopping of our own and you will be very excited to see the new paper lines we picked up for our Stackers and Connector Covers! Be sure to check our website at regularly to see the new lines!


momma of 3 said...

Love getting ideas in the Keller's Creation layout gallery. Also how can enter to win a FREE Class Kit Offer?

Keller's Creations said...

HI, mommaof3,
The FREE class kit isn't a contest this get it free if you sign up on our website to join our monthly Class Club. The info for it is under our Retail Shopping link. Email us if you have any questions. Thanks!

mom said...

I was hopeing you could help me fine out more about the cruse coming up in oct 25 thur till sunday...this is my first scrapbooking one and my sister too.
what all do we do on it and is their things to by if we don't have a special things we night have forgotten? we are looking forward to it...thank you Darlene from michigan