Wednesday, May 1, 2013

A PAGE A DAY IN MAY....Let's do this!!!

Are y'all ready to do a page a day in May??

If you ordered our box kit, you're all set to knock pages out in just minutes a day.  If you didn't order one of the kits, you can still do a page a day in May.  Use these pages for inspiration...or you can now order these kits online. 
 (just go to, click on SHOP NOW tab, and click on Page Kits link)

So, here's May 1st, and I'm determined to get 31 double page spreads done during this month.  Yep, me.  The one who hardly ever gets to think about my personal pages!  That's why I did the whole box kit thing...just for ME...and I knew I'm not the only one who needs a few minutes each day to feel creative, to escape the reality of work & kids (sorry, Keller), etc. 

This is the first kit in my box:

I had a good idea of pictures to use....grabbed those...realized I had only 4 photos that I wanted to use, but just adjusted the kit accordingly.  I also grabbed some ink & a dauber, and just lightly distressed the edges of the pieces in the kit.  Then, I matted my photos and laid out the page.

I added two small journaling boxes....and then knew I could write more on the tags to fill in more details of the day.  If you know me at all, you know that journaling is the hardest part for me.  I can see things.  I can feel things when I look at a page of pictures.  But, writing about it....not so easy.  But, I'm committed to the process this month...and if I can do it, so can you!

20 minutes, from start to finish --- including finding pix --- and here's what I now have:

Woo hoo!! Yay, me!!!!!  I scrapbooked for ME today.  Journaling and all.  It's a great start to this day, to this month.  Now, while I work for the next 16 hours, I will be thinking on which photos I want to use tomorrow on our next page.

I hope you join me on this journey this month!  Use the box kit you ordered....order these page kits from us....or dig into your stash...just do it:  a page a day in May!!!!

See you right back here sometime tomorrow,



Rorie Linford said...

Very excited to do this page a day kit (even though the month is nearly half over!) I'm putting this page together today, but realized I don't have the photo mats in my kit. :( Oh well, I'm sure I can dig something out of my stash that will work. :)

Keller's Creations said...

There should have been a sheet of red paper (back of the dot print) for you to cut mats out of. This is one of the few pages that we didn't cut the mats in case you wanted to use different sized photos.