Saturday, May 11, 2013

Page a Day In May Continues....

Life gets in the way sometimes.  Some days my goal of 10 minutes to myself (not to mention a few hours of sleep) is unattainable.  Life can be hard, challenging, even crushing on some days.  But, that's just what makes us appreciate the days that bring joy, right??  And, if full days of joy and peace see way too far off, at least I can come back to my goal of 10 minutes...

So, today I'm back with determination to get my 10 minutes of scrapping in.  Not just to say I did it.  But more so because I need it.  I need the creative energy inside of me to have a voice.  I need a way to show that I was here.  I need a few minutes to escape.  Scrapbooking can be fun, very fun.  But, sometimes it can be oh, so much more.

Here are the layouts in our Page a Day in May kit in order of how they should have been posted...and I've got them all spread around me, some partially done, some pictures planned....others are just at the beginning of the thought process for me.  (remember, these are kits individually for sale now online)



I will be posting my versions of these kits as I complete them...and I will try to keep up posting a new kit each day this month, despite what life throws at me!   Please feel free to share your versions of these kits on our facebook page, too...we'd love to see your pages!!

Thanks for hanging out with us here,


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