Tuesday, December 1, 2009

CMA's....Yes, I got to go!

Yes, I went to the CMA's with my new bff, Lisa. And, yes, I went to the Sony after-party. But, sadly, no, I did not get to meet Kenny. Kenny Chesney, that is...if you haven't had to suffer thru my story of my plans to stalk, I mean meet, him. (for those few who haven't heard my story...Lisa, a volunteer in one of my classes at CKC Nashville, invited me to the night's events thru her day job...after she learned of what huge Kenny fans Keller and I are) So, first, publicly...THANK YOU, LISA! I had a blast!!

Next, let me say, even though I did not get to meet Kenny in person, I did get to see him perform live with Dave Matthews ...wowza...loved it...as well as the the entire CMA show. It's so incredibly cool to see how they make all that happen...so many sets...so many bands...so many stars. Unbelievably cool. Then, when Dale JR came out to present an award...well, that was just icing on the cake for me. Or to quote my brother, "It's the red-neck trifecta...country music, sparkly panties (on Carrie Underwood), and a nascar star...what more could you ask for?" D, I couldn't agree more...nothing left for me to ask for in a night's entertainment.

But, it DID get better from there. We we off to the private Sony party. Even walked in on a red carpet! Was proud to be Lisa's 'plus 1' but thrilled to see my name, Kimberly Mock, actually on the list!!
Then, within minutes of arriving, there he was. Not Kenny. Danny Gokey. OMG! Any American Idol fans out there?? He's been my favorite from the first I saw him on the auditions last year. My fave of all Idol years. And, there he was. Right beside us. He said hello, then politely kept walking. Did I say, OMG? Before I could breathe, I turned around and there I saw Barbara Mandrell! And, the rest of the night was like that...turn & look & scream inside...Brooks & Dunn, Miranda Lambert, the Lost Trailers, Martina McBride, Craig Morgan, Brad Paisley, Jason Michael Carroll, Rodney Atkins, Coach Phil Fulmer (from UT)...just to name a few. And, Sony big wigs...and music producers...and fancy food & drinks...oh, so much fun!
Oh, did I say Danny Gokey?? I actually had a picture made with him, but by a professional photographer (as our cameras were not allowed...but see below)...and I hold out hope to one day see the photo...but until then, I am happy having met him, talked to him, and hugged him in a photo. And, I did make him a promise...that I would tell everyone I know to buy his new single when it debuts online on 12/14...it's called "It's only" and is amazing. So, buy it...because I told Danny we would. And, yes, just so you know, he IS as nice as he seems. The real deal.

Ok, so cameras we NOT allowed...but I did have mine hidden away...and late, late, late snapped these couple pix to prove I was there...

Nicole, Lisa, and me...late night, right before leaving....

And, see, told you there was a red carpet!

And, my only proof of Sony!

So, then I downloaded these pix online...a great one of Danny....before the show...

and a group shot from the Sony party...

I saw all of these amazing people at the party, except Carrie Underwood....she must have had a special tunnel underground or something.

Anyway, amazing. So blessed to have gone. Thanks, Lisa. I owe ya one. (but tell Kenny he's not off the hook yet!)

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