Monday, April 26, 2010

And the winner is....

Laurie! Laurie, thanks so much for your input this weekend. You have won FREE SHIPPING throughout the rest of 2010!! Please email us ( your name, phone number, and address you'll use as the shipping address on all orders. Then, we will send you your customized code.

Thank you, too, to the others of you who posted comments here or emailed us. But, somehow, I think there are more than a dozen people or so who don't know what to do with their negatives. We have all gone digital now...and our children will only see film in history books or museums...but just a few short years ago, we all used film. That led to negatives. I know I have boxes & boxes of them! And, each and every one is important to me. I want a simple solution to them. I think many of you feel the same way, too.

So, rest assured that Keller's Creations is on it. We are close to offering everyone an easy, affordable solution to your negatives....stay tuned!

And, check back later today, as we will be posting more projects for A Project a Day in May!



SuzieJ said...

Did she enter via email? Because the Laurie on the blog, all she does is repeat the questions. What is the solution? Do they even try to figure out?

Keller's Creations said...

The winner is the Laurie from the blog comments. We enter all the names from blog and email, then draw the winner. Winning is not based on any answers we ever receive...anyone who takes the time to comment at all is entered. Make sense? And, as far as a solution to 'what to do with negatives', we as a company are working on that. Bear with us, while we work out the details!