Tuesday, April 27, 2010

More ideas....

Are you on the bandwagon yet?? Motivated & ready to try a Project a Day in May?!?

Here are more ideas, to hopefully get your creative juices flowing:

6x6 Wedding Page Idea -

6x6 black cardstock

strips of pink cardstock...stamp word stamp as border on one, title stamp on other & tear edges
(word stamp from our Family & More Set, title stamp from XL Together & More set)

fun dotted ribbon

white bottle shaker & beads

Have you tried our shakers yet?? Easy...and shakers are 'flat' enough on page to NOT make your book all bulky. Be sure to use our Red Line Tape as adhesive to keep your beads, glitter, etc. inside the shaker.

Gotta lot of pictures needing to go on one layout? Accordion Tags are the answer!

This page -

12x12 cardstock...any light green or tan will do...even white will look good on this one

2 Accordion Tags (Evening Sun is color)

1 large Stacker circle cut in half

1 large Stacker circle

1 scalloped Stacker circle

snips of ribbon to tie tags together

*all Stacker pieces in this layout are from our Frog Prince (greens) Collection in Mix & Match section online.

Winter layout -

12x12 light blue cardstock (Waterfall used here)

2 large Stacker circles (Distressed Christmas Collection)

2 scalloped Stacker circles (same)

4 small Stacker circles (white)



Gotta love quick & easy!

Another easy layout -

12x12 black cardstock (Midnight used here)

3 large Stacker circles

2 circles from 3" circle pack

1 flower



*all pieces shown here are Red & Black Playground Collection

Ok, getting the hang of how EASY things can be when you have fun print pieces in your hands, already cut & ready to go? And, they never look the same...move 'em around, pair them up differently, add some, take some away...so fun & cute to see all the ways to use pieces like our Stackers & Rings...and NO CIRCLE CUTTER NEEDED!

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