Thursday, April 22, 2010

A Project a Day in May??

Are you up for it? YOU CAN DO IT.

With May 1st being National Scrapbook Day, we thought we need more than one day to celebrate the many things we love about our why not a whole month?!

And, with the ease & adorability (is that a word?!) of our Keller's products, it should be more than possible to do a Project a Day in May, but easily achievable!!

Just check out these well as their rather short supply lists:

This puppy page is easy as can be:

Stonehenge cardstock Connector Liner - cut slightly off center, then stamped down one edge of each piece with Dog background stamp

Add ribbon to slots on one side of Connector pieces

Add 3" piece of cardstock on page

Add 1 Ring for emphasis on top photo

Add title or journaling...vellum sticker by Autumn Leaves used here

Easy. Done. Great Layout.

"Sweet!" might just be what you say when you finish creating a layout like this one...oh, so quick & cute!

1 mini Connector Liner with ribbon snips tied on each slot

Rings - 2 colors used

Chipboard letters for title - Lil Davis Designs used here

3 words stamped beside photo...all from our Word Stamp sets, of course


Easy enough?!?!

For all you Disney junkies out there (me, included)...the 'hidden Mickey' possibilities out there are endless using our Stacker circles and Rings.

2 small Stacker circles

1 large Stacker circle

Rings for matting photos on circles

1/2 small Stacker circle - cut in half again to do 2 corners

Laser title - for sale on our site, don't ya know

Who can't handle just adhering things in place?!

BOO Accordion Tag...perfect for holiday decor or sending as a card...or added to a 12x12 layout

1 Accordion Tag

1 set of Rings - use 1 each of all 3 patterns in pack in same size....adhere to top of photos to use & trim edges with circle cutter necessary!

1 pack of Cardstock Letters - with 2 of each letter per pack, BOO can be done....these letters in Cardstock Creations on our all 36 colors we offer!

Skeleton laser cut - on our site, too

snips of ribbon

Any questions?!?

Rings...what a simple addition to spruce up a page!

6x12 print paper (Paper Patch paper shown here)

Rings - pieces from print set (Frog Prince Greens) and solid set (buttercream) shown here...on the bottom right picture, look how one ring is UNDER the photo and one is on TOP

Rub-on for title - American Crafts rub-on shown here

Don't you just love 5 minute pages?!?

Ok, get the idea? or IDEAS? These are just the first 5 of over 31 ideas that we will be posting over the next week...all to get you motivated to complete A PROJECT A DAY IN MAY!

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