Thursday, April 29, 2010

Ready for more ideas?!

With all these ideas this week, I really hope everyone is grasping just how versatile our products are. They really are ones that you can create pages with, THEN add photos...all WITHOUT taking the emphasis off the photos themselves. Utilize the sketches that we post on our blog. Make the pages with our precut pieces. Then add pictures. You will be amazed how much you can accomplish!

Here's an example of what I'm talking about. Versatility at its best.

I did a page with these pieces:

1 Connector liner

1 large Stacker circle cut in 1/2


That's it. Easy enough, huh?

Oh, I did stamp on the corners of the page with our scroll stamps. I used the 'mirror image' scrolls from our Whimsical Scroll how these stamps work together...put on one block and stamped all 4 corners of a plain white 12x12 piece of cardstock. Makes a huge difference.

Then, I started trying to decide which pictures I would use. I started with 2 vertical 4x6 photos, in black & white.

Then, I tried 1 vertical color 4x6.

Then, I rotated the page, and added a vertical color 4x6.

Then, I left the page rotated & added 2 horizontal 4x6 photos.

All 4 ways look good. See -- versatility.

(papers on this layout from both Rose Colored Glasses sets, light and dark)

Ok, here's another thing I like to do...tilt pictures so you don't have to worry about if things are straight. And, I cut one of our XL square slide mounts into photo corners...and stamped them with our dog background stamp. Love doing this, too.

I matted these photos, which is rare for me these days...but like it here.

Then, just added one scalloped Stacker circle (from Dog collection by Reminisce, on our site, of course!) and a scrap of cardstock to put the sticker title on.

5minute page. Works for me.

Oh, I also love working with our jumbo 11" Circles, and not just in our jumbo chipboard books.

On this page, I cut the circle slightly off center...then shaved off about 1/2 inch of each there would be room in between them when adhered to the page.

I switched sides with the page a whole different look.

And, see how easily you can add photos. The 4x6 on the right fits perfectly. For the one on the left, adhere it to the circle first...then trim off outside edges to curve it. No guesswork that way, works every time.

(paper group on this page is Playground - Blues & Greens)

So, let us know what you think...and we'll keep the ideas coming over the next couple days. You know, you really CAN do a Project a Day in May!


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